Currently accepting Visa, Diner’s and Amex credit cards only.

Step 1. During Checkout, select “Credit Card Payment” as your payment option

Credit Card Payments is our first option and is automatically selected for every order. Please note, we can only accept Visa, Diner's and American Express credit cards.

Step 2. Fill out the Card Details

Fill out the Card Number, Card Expiration Date, and the 3 or 4 digit code at the rear of the card.

  • Please note, the details of the card holder must be the same as the information that was entered under "Billing Details".

Step 3. Place Order

Review the order...

  • Make sure all your information is entered correctly.
  • Double check your mailing address, *remember to put your apartment, unit or box number on your shipping address*
  • "check" the Terms and Conditions Agreement and press the "Place Order" button to complete the order.
  • Once you Place your Order, our payment merchant will process the funds.

    Once the funds have been processed, the status of your order will automatically be updated to "Processed". A confirmation email will be sent to your email address.

    All processed orders are then sent to our packaging department where it waits in a queue to get fulfilled. Once fulfilled, our couriers will pick up your order at the end of the business day. It is then shipped and delivered directly to your doorsteps.


*Orders are shipped within 24hrs. Excluding weekends and holidays.*

You will automatically receive a confirmation email containing tracking details once your order has been successfully processed, packaged, and shipped.

Thank you!


For any other information or concerns, please contact us here!

To avoid any delays, please remember to check your junk/spam folders just in case our emails got mis-directed there and remember to move those emails over to your inbox. Thank You!

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