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Shatter concentrate is a new way of consuming cannabis. It is a concentrated extract of the cannabis plant that has been “shattered” using an innovative method that allows for more efficient and effective consumption compared to taking dabs or powder.  The shatter concentrate can be used as an additive with loose leaf or waxed marijuana, allowing for much more efficient and effective consumption than taking powder or dabs.

The total weight of shatter (or “dabs”) is anywhere between 2 grams to 8 grams. However, the average user typically prefers the higher end of that range.

Shatter concentrate is a concentrated form of cannabis material that has been cleaned and purified to remove impurities like unwanted plant compounds or solvents. It is then heated and processed into a liquid at high temperatures in order to evaporate off all the moisture. During this process, some cannabinoids are removed as well as any trace impurities that may have been present during production processes. This allows for more efficient use of the solvent used for processing, making it easier to cook the product without loss of potency or quality.

Sniffing vape cartridges are usually made from shatter concentrate meaning they are very concentrated in cannabinoids and terpenes compared to other types of vaporizers such as dab rigs. This can be useful for those looking for a purer experience with less residual taste or cloudiness when vaping it.

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