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Distillate cannabis is a variety of marijuana that’s high in THC and low in CBD. It has a more potent experience than other types of cannabis, but it’s also a lot easier to consume.  When you look at how potent strains are, the difference in potency between a different strain isn’t as important as how strong the effects are on your body.

The main reason why Distillate marijuana is so much stronger than other types of cannabis is that its psychoactive properties are stronger than regular marijuana. That means you will experience a higher level of the effect of THC, which makes the effects feel more intense and last longer

Distillate cannabis is a type of cannabis that contains all the positive cannabinoids found in plants. These cannabinoids come together to create an experience that’s like nothing you’ve ever had before. Distillate cannabis offers many benefits, including its ability to help with pain relief and anxiety, as well as giving you more clarity of thought.  It also helps with insomnia, while helping to ease some of your symptoms of PTSD.

Here are some ways to use your distillates. 

  • Vaporizing using a vape pen
  • Making infused products, such as homemade edible gummies or brownies
  • Adding a few drops to creams for a topical effect
  • Adding it onto your joint
  • Dab it by using a dab tool.

buy distillates online

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