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Buy Weed Online Ottawa

Buy Weed Online Ottawa


People in Ottawa can now purchase cannabis online and in any physical outlet legally. But they have to make sure that they are already of legal age which 19 years old and above and they are required to present a valid ID to shows as proof of their identity. The first-ever cannabis shop started and opened to the public last April 2019 but since we are in the modern days, it has not easy to acquire cannabis and other cannabis products online, which is why many residents prefer to order online.


Shopping for cannabis online has a number of advantages when you compare it to buying cannabis through a local shop. Consumers, when they opt to purchase online, have a way of scanning through a wider range of cannabis and other cannabis-infused product and can find more reasonably priced products.  In addition to that, having the option to have all your cannabis products delivered to your doorstep saves you a lot of time and hassle. So the question is, really, how do you shop for cannabis online when in Ottawa and should you do it? Here is a brief guide when it comes to shopping for cannabis in Ottawa.

Marijuana Laws in Ottawa


Cannabis was first legalized in Canada last October 2018 and every adult throughout the country can now purchase and consume different kinds of cannabis products. Ottawa mostly follows the same cannabis laws as the rest of the country. Though Ontario has its own set of laws when it comes to the legal age and where it can be smoked.


In Ottawa, the legal age for those who want to purchase and use cannabis is 19 years of age and older. If someone wants to purchase cannabis, they will have to show proof of their identity indicating that they are of legal age. This applies to both purchasing through a local shop or purchasing online.


You can also plant your own cannabis in Ottawa. You can grow up to four plants at a time and can be done indoors or outdoors, just make sure to safely stash all your harvested cannabis at home. Also, make sure that you keep your plants away from the public and that it is kept away from children’s reach.


Users can also smoke weeds in private residences or places, but keep in mind that you still have to comply with the landlord’s rule, if they prohibit the use of cannabis in their location then you would have to comply with this. You can also smoke in public places and of course, designated spots such as pot lounges, sidewalks, and parks. Just keep in mind not to smoke where there are children, inside your car, or in school.

How to Buy Weed Online in Ottawa


Authorized cannabis shops are starting to open for business in Ottawa. But there still some users who much prefer purchasing their weeds online, this is because it is much more practical, legal, and safe. Online dispensaries, can give you a much wider range of cannabis strains and other cannabis-infused products along with reviews from other users and descriptions so you know what exactly you need and can help you decide a lot easier.


If you don’t want to wait in long lines when shopping for cannabis then purchasing online is the best option for you. You just have to sign u and create an account first, this only takes a few minutes. Once you have an account set up, you can scan through all the strains and other cannabis-infused products there is available. Just add those you want to buy into your basket, provide your delivery address and place the order. Then just wait for the online dispensary to dispatch your order and have it delivered to your doorstep.


All orders are sent out safely and discreetly. Users can also order as much as they want without any complications. Shopping for cannabis online is also becoming a trend and is becoming more popular because of its practicality.

Why Buy Weed Online in Ottawa?


Now that licensed shops are open in Ottawa, users may still have the question running through their heads why should they purchase online? Since shopping for cannabis through local shops is now legal, there are still a number of benefits when it comes to purchasing online that you may want to consider.


With stores, they come with long queues, and products are sold at a higher price, unlike when you complete a transaction online, you can acquire all your cannabis and other products with just a  few clicks of a button, though you may have to wait a little longer for the items to get delivered. Ordering cannabis has never been this easy and hassle-free. Another good thing is that you can always obtain your cannabis anytime you want.


Shopping online also lets you scan through all kinds of strains and other cannabis products, users can also read product reviews and descriptions. No need to worry yourself about having to go out to buy your favorite strain only to be informed that it is not in stock or having to choose which product should you choose right away.

Is It Safe to Buy Weed Online in Ottawa?


Purchasing weeds online in Ottawa is legal and safe. You only have to comply with the legal age which is 19 years of age and above and users must provide proof of their identity by presenting a valid ID. Besides that, you don’t have to worry about anything else when you buy online.


Each order that is being dispatched is sent out in secure and discreet packaging. Your order will be properly sealed so no odor comes out, this way no one would know what is inside your package. It will also be delivered to you in good condition, meaning it should come to you fresh and still in good quality. You could say that purchasing online is by far the best way to acquire cannabis.

Best Weed to Buy Online in Ottawa


Buying cannabis online gives every consumer a wider range of selections. You will find all your favorite strains together with other cannabis products and all will be available for delivery.


Hybrid strains are obviously a cross between an Indica and a Sativa strain, hence the name hybrid.  This results in adaptable strains of cannabis that have a balanced effect. This strain will give you a head high that can be very stimulating which is accompanied by a relaxing physical effect and because of this makes them the ideal strain to use for any time of the day.


Indica strains are perfect for users who are looking for something to provide them with a euphoric and relaxing high. This type of strain is also perfect for countering symptoms like stress, pain, headaches, and inflammation.


Sativa strains are perfect for those looking for something to give them a mentally stimulating high. This type of strain will leave a user feeling creative, happy, and focused. This is also an ideal treatment for those who suffer from depression and anxiety. 


Needless to say, there is a lot of cannabis that every user can try, there are also cannabis-infused products such as edibles, vape products for those who prefer not to smoke and burn their weeds, there are concentrates, and many more. 

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