The best shake and trim online in Canada is available in many types, grades. You can buy a quarter-pound or a pound of any desired strain for those who want one large amount instead of purchasing smaller amounts throughout the day! Plus you get to choose from Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains as well.

Small pieces of cannabis flower that were once part of larger buds. Shake usually falls off the leaves when handling them or in packaging, but it can be used by producers to make pre-rolled joints for consumers who want their product with no leafy stems at all!

The possibilities are endless with shake. You can use it in all kinds of different ways:

  • Roll joints and blunts
  • Brew Cannabis tea
  • Smoke shake bongs
  • Make cannabis edibles
  • Make cannabis tinctures
  • Use in cooking

Use shake to roll a joint

Best way to shake is roll it up into a joint and light it up!

Use shake to brew tea

Making weed tea from your leftover shake is always a good idea, no matter what time of year it is.

Use shake to smoke a bong

Making weed tea from your leftover shakes is a great way to get high. You can also throw it into a bong and have some harsh hits, but just remember that the shake contains plant matter which might produce some pretty intense smoke!

Use shake to make edibles

You can use shake to make weed-infused drinks, baked goods and candies. As previously mentioned the quality of your cannabis doesn’t matter as much in a chew swallow experience because it’s all about compounds – so collect that precious liquid over time until you have enough of the whole batch to make brownie or gummy.

Use shake to make tinctures

Shake can also be used to make homemade tinctures. These are an alcohol-based liquid version of cannabis and great for various medical conditions!

Use shake in cooking

Lastly, you can use the shake to infuse your oil and butter to use in your cooking for some extra kicks!

You can buy shakes and trim online in Canada. You’ll find everything from Sativa, Indica or Hybrid strains to AAAA premium quality of course! There’s also a variety of other options such as mixed shakes with all sorts including popcorn buds for that added flair

Strains: You can select from Indica, Sativa, Hybrid and AAAA premium shake.

Weights: You can choose from as low as quarter-pound and your way up higher in quantity.

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