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Buy Weed Online Toronto

Buy Weed Online Toronto


Marijuana has been legalized throughout Canada and Toronto, as one of the largest cities in the country, is the best place to acquire your weeds from. So long as you are 19 years old and above, which is the legal age to purchase cannabis, you can purchase, consume, and you can even grow your own cannabis plant at home in Toronto and including the rest of Ontario. But despite being one of the major cities for marijuana culture, Toronto very limited weed shops. Nevertheless, you can still purchase your cannabis and other products online.


Several cannabis users already prefer ordering their cannabis in Ontario. It is not just practical and secure, you can also enjoy affordable prices on premium-quality products. From cannabis strains to concentrates and CBD oils, everything is available and can be delivered to your doorstep. Check out this guide when it comes to shopping cannabis online in Toronto and what you should be aware of.

Marijuana Laws in Toronto


Toronto mainly has the same cannabis law as the rest of Canada’s province but there are still some differences from one province to the other. In Ontario for example, you have to be 19 years old to purchase cannabis as this is the legal age they have implemented. You will also need to show proof by presenting a valid government-issued ID to purchase weeds and other cannabis products. For public possession, you can have up to 30 grams of dried cannabis flowers or an equal amount of other cannabis product. But if you are at home, you can keep much more than that.


As long as you are 19 years old and above, you can also plant you own cannabis in Toronto. You can also purchase seedlings or marijuana seed and can be planted indoors or outdoors, just make sure you take precautionary steps to keep you plants away from public eye and make sure it is kep out of children’ss reach.


There are still laws that will limit you to smoke weeds in public. Ontario’s laws at present limits consumers in smoking in their own residence or other private properties. Landlords can also prohibit cannabis use on their property.


Cannabis consumers should also be mindful of Toronto’s general marijuana laws in Canada. Smoking cannabis is prohibited nearby children, and cannot be given to anyone under the age of 19. It is also illegal to distribute cannabis without a license or cannot be taken across the border.

How to Buy Weed Online in Toronto


While anyone can legally purchase cannabis from licensed shops in Toronto, the city has a limited number of cannabis shops due to some licenses are still being processed. Consumers are confined to one to two cannabis shops in the city and yet these shops typically have long lines and higher prices.


Luckily, to avoid all that long queue and discover affordable prices, you can shop for your cannabis and other products online. Online shops have a much larger range of items available online that you can order and have delivered to your doorstep with a few clicks of a button. Your order will be dispatched to you discreetly and safely so no need to fret.


Once you have decided that you would like to order online, you just have to create an account first with West Coast Cannabis to be a member. Once you have an account you can scan through the online store and check on products that you may find interesting or you can try to search for your favorite strain. Each item comes with reviews from others who have already tried to use the product and also has a product description to help you decide if the product you are looking at would be suitable for you. You can add all your items to your cart and just enter your delivery address so that your order gets delivered to you.

Why Buy Weed Online in Toronto?


Since purchasing cannabis has now been legalized, why should you consider buying online? Though there are a number of users who would much prefer buying weeds from local shops, there are still countless benefits when it comes to shopping online.


Several provinces and cities are still undergoing the process of licensing shops. Toronto, specifically, has had a slow beginning being that it is known to be as one of Canada’s largest cities and even though there are are a number of shops open. These shops have high demands and as a result have long lines and have a more expensive price.


Purchasing cannabis over the internet can practically give consumer affordable prices than what you can find in local shops. You will also discover that there is a wider range of options when it comes to purchasing online. You can search for all your Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid strains and don’t forget other cannabis products such as oils, edibles, and concentrates, and many more. 


Another benefit of purchasing online is that it makes it much more convenient for users. No need to step out the comforts of your home, You have the option to have your products delivered straight to your doorstep and because of this,  it makes it a lot easier for users to acquire their cannabis and other products.


Is It Safe to Buy Weed Online in Toronto?


Since October of 2018, Canada has legalized the consumption and purchasing of cannabis for those who are of legal age. But make sure that you comply to Toronto’s provincial law such as only those who are 19 years of age and above are permitted to purchase and use weeds, and keep in mind that smoking in public is prohibited. As for ordering cannabis online, you do not have to worry about it, as this is legal and safe for the residents of Toronto.


For added privacy, online shops ensures that packages are dispatched safe and discreetly. This only means that not one single sould will know what is inside the package that was delivered to your front door. Shipping carriers also implements a rule that stops anyone from messing with your package. For this reason, you can be guaranteed that your cannabis order will get to you without any complication.

Best Weed to Buy Online in Toronto


Since online shops have a far more extensive selection of cannabis and other cannabis products, this may give users a tough time deciding which one would they want. It may come to a point where one would like to try multiple strains.


Indica strains are recognized for its potent soothing effects. This strain is ideal for users who are suffering from insomnia, pain, anxiety, and inflammation. It can also give its user an even and pleasant recreational high that is accompanied by a calming effect.


Sativa strains are ideal strains for users whose main gola is to experience a stimulating and energizing high. This strain can also enhance a users mental focus and creativity, and can give its users some added energy. Perfect for daytime consumption and can be used first thing in the morning.


Hybrid strains is a balance of Sativa and Indica effects. And because of this, it is considered to be one of the most multifaceted strain because they can be used readily anytime of the day. There are a number of popular hybrid strains and some of them are mango kush, Girl scout cookies, and God’s green crack.


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