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Marijuana shake comes from the same part of the weed plant as normal buds. In fact, shake is part of the buds. It’s just tiny little pieces of the buds that have fallen off over time. This could be due to handling, general bumping around through transporting, etc.

Shake weed can contain any part of the bud, including sugar leaves and trichomes. So yes, shake can have just as much THC as any other part of the flower. That’s right, despite what you may have read elsewhere, shake can get you high. In fact, it can be quite potent in some instances.

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Shake are those loose leaves, small buds, and mainly bits and pieces that collect at the bottom of your bag of weed. Its more or less just the leftover cannabis.

Its very common for dispensaries to use their shake for pre-rolls but here at, we offer to sell it as a product for a very reasonable price. You are getting quality medicine but you are not paying the premium for nice manicured nugs/buds.

Our Premium Shake is sold by the ounce.

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9 reviews for Premium Shake – Oz Deal

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  1. gideonmckay042 (verified owner)

    I bought a few it was worth the money

  2. Calvinator (verified owner)

    Totally worth every dime

  3. Tracey Breakell (verified owner)

    I use this as a mix with my high cod weed and it’s a perfect mixture for my capsules.

  4. Rodney Echum (verified owner)

    Very good for medical purposes, which i use for my edibles

  5. CannaMama (verified owner)

    I bought this for the purpose of making my medicated edibles. I would definitely buy again

  6. davidshaver963 (verified owner)

    Well worth the cash , mostly tiny buds … Great for edibles

  7. Gaston O’Dell (verified owner)

    Great price for good shake. Making edibles cheap again!

  8. rodbrian (verified owner)

    Good shake better than all I’ve bought from. This stuff will help me fall asleep for sure at night. So far so good. On a budget it’s good

  9. Angel Kenyon (verified owner)

    Wow, i’m impressed, a must, it is excellent for edibles, and good to smoke as well! Quick delivery, easy to order, keep up the great service, and good weed, and competitive prices,and you will be my new best friend, lol! Thank you!

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