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Black D.O.G. is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain (85% indica/15% sativa) created through crossing the infamous Blackberry Kush X Emerald Headband strains.

Named for its super dark appearance, Black D.O.G. has super fluffy oversized and rock hard deep forest green nugs with thin clear hairs and a coating of vividly white crystal trichomes that contrast perfectly with the rich undertones.

As you pull apart each frosty little nugget, fresh earthy aromas are released with a notable punch of blackberry to them. The flavor is very much the same, with a hint of berries and grapes accented by fresh pine and lightly sweetened earth.

The Black D.O.G. high is just as delicious as its taste, with long-lasting effects that are perfect for those who appreciate a good cerebral indica high.

The effects start in your mind, filling your cerebral sense with a tingly bliss that immediately erases any negative or racing thoughts. A relaxing body high helps keep you anchored as your mind fades further and further into sedation, ending in a deep and peaceful sleep.

Thanks to these effects and its high 16-24% average THC level, Black D.O.G. is said to be perfect for treating those suffering from conditions such as chronic stress, depression, chronic pain, headaches or migraines, and insomnia.

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The “Black” in Black DOG refers to parent strain Blackberry Kush and the “D.O.G.” part presumably refers to the OG Kush lineage via the other parent, Emerald Headband, which was created by crossing California Sour Diesel with Emerald OG.  As you might have guessed from this lineage, while Black DOG itself is a fairly modern strain, it has a very classic lineage. 

With an average THC range of 16% to 21%, Black DOG is strong enough to provide meaningful pain relief and/or mood relief for a variety of conditions without being so potent that the average patient would be likely to find it overpowering.  In addition to the fact that it has moderate THC, it’s also worth noting that this strain is 90% Indica, which means that the high is less energetic and euphoric and more mellow, chilled and “zened out”, although the 10% Sativa genetics do lighten up the experience somewhat.  As you would expect from a strain with such a high level of Indica genetics, the high transitions gently into a warm, deeply comforting and soothing full-body stone, so be prepared for an extended period of couch lock and make sure that you are fully awake and focused again before doing anything complicated. 


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  1. idfkanymore519 (verified owner)

    Pungent weird smell haha it’s not bad but the buds were so dry it crumbles decent buzz

  2. idfkanymore519 (verified owner)

    Update it’s for sure good for the price and got use stoned I’d recommend trying it

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