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Budder Weed: What It Is And Why It’s Awesome

Ask any seasoned stoner to recommend one of their favorite marijuana products and we’re sure you’ll hear budder quite a bit.

That’s because budder is easy to use and packs a substantial psychedelic or medicinal punch (depending on whether it’s high THC or high CBD).

But what exactly is budder, and why is it at the top of everyone’s must-have list?

$In this article, the all-things-cannabis experts at Budcargo will answer those questions so you can decide if budder is right for you.

What Is Budder?

weed budder on a stick


Budder is a cannabis concentrate made by soaking marijuana flowers in a solvent. The solvent removes the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant matter and holds it in solution (i.e., in a dissolved state).

As the solvent evaporates, it leaves behind an oily substance that you can then manipulate to produce different consistencies, including:

  • Wax
  • Shatter
  • Crumble
  • Honeycomb wax
  • Budder

Budder gets its name from the consistency of the final product, which looks and feels like soft butter (or peanut butter if you can’t visualize the first).

Whether you’re new to the cannabis game or a stoner of yore, you’ve probably heard about butane hash oil (BHO), butane wax, butane budder, or butane <insert word here>.

BHO is the term experienced cannaenthusiasts use to refer to ALL concentrates made with butane extraction. Think of it as the umbrella term for a large variety of products.

Underneath BHO, then, are the different forms the concentrate can take, like budder, honeycomb, and crumble.

So if you list the terms we’ve talked about from most general to most specific, it would look like this:

  1. Concentrate (general term for solvent-extracted oil)
  2. Butane hash oil (refers to the method by which it was produced)
  3. Budder, wax, crumble, shatter (refers to the appearance of the final product)

Most professional outfits that produce concentrates like budder for sale use butane as their solvent of choice.

Now, before you dash out to buy all the butane you can get your hands on to produce your own extracts, it’s essential that you understand something: butane is highly flammable and can explode (yes, explode!) with the smallest spark.

Even a slight static discharge between your finger and a hard surface is enough to ignite butane fumes in an unventilated room.

No one likes explosions where they live, so we don’t recommend using butane extraction to make your budder (or wax, or shatter). Just leave it to the professionals and their fancy — and safe — equipment.

Thankfully, there are other solvents you can use if you’re hankering to try your hand at a bit of DIY extraction. We’ll give you instructions for a less dangerous method later on in this article.

First, though, check out this handy chart that clarifies the many terms you’re likely to encounter in the canna-lexicon.

Budder Hierarchy

As you can see, these different production methods result in the same final product.

If you’re interested in a particular type of budder (e.g., butane budder, alcohol budder, or ice water budder), ask your local budtender for their recommendation.

Why Is Budder So Awesome?

cannabis budder on a glass box

Budder is awesome because, as we mentioned earlier, it’s a concentrated form of the buds you buy at your local dispensary.

And by “concentrated,” we mean really high in THC or CBD. How high, exactly? Anywhere from two to four times over regular bud!

Depending on the original strain you start with, budder can clock in at 50-90% THC (or CBD). Even the strongest strain you roll in your joint, blunt, or spliff only hits around 25%.

So, you can see why budder is such a big deal: you can get seriously high with just one or two hits!

How To Use Budder

man getting ready to smoke budder

The best way — and, really, the only way — to consume budder is with a dabbing rig. A dab rig is basically a modified bong that accommodates a dab nail instead of bud nugs.

To get your daba-daba-doo on, scoop a bit of budder with your dab tool onto the nail. Then ignite your blow torch (yes, really) and put flame to nail.

From there, it’s just a matter of inhaling as much smoke as is physically possible.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, the hit from a dab of budder is A LOT more potent than your standard joint, blunt, Thai stick, or vaporizer.

That’s because the budder you burn in the dab rig is concentrated canna-goodness. There are no plant matter molecules left floating around. And there are no impurities or additives to get in the way.

All that’s left are the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and trichomes. It’s this stuff that gives marijuana the psychedelic kick that makes us love it so much.

Budder Vs. Cannabutter

block of cannabutter

Savvy readers will notice the difference between the words budder and butter. Yes, they both sound the same — even identical to some ears — but, believe us, they are very different things.

Cannabutter is regular old butter infused with a kick of your favorite cannabis. Cannabudder is the extract we’ve been talking about throughout this article.

If you’re looking to add some psychedelic or medicinal benefits to your edibles, cannabutter is your best bet.

That said, we know some of you out there will get the bright idea to try smoking cannabutter. Trust us, don’t. It’s nothing but a big mess and certainly won’t get you high.

If you’re looking for a one-hit marijuana experience that’s out of this world, cannabudder is at the top of this list.

That said, we know some of you out there will get the bright idea to try cooking with budder. Trust us, don’t. It doesn’t work and is a waste of a perfectly good concentrate.

If you have trouble keeping this advice straight, here’s a handy-dandy cheat:

Butter for baking. Budder for dabbing.

How To Make Budder At Home

cannabis buds

Below, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide for how to make budder on your own…without the risk of death or loss of property.

Those in the know (like you are now) call this the QWISO process. QWISO stands for “Quick Wash Of Isopropyl Alcohol.”

So, as you can probably guess, we’re going to use alcohol to make this work. But we’re not going to use just any alcohol. We’re going to 99-100% pure alcohol.

That’s a lot different than the vodka you may have stashed in your cupboard. It’s even different than the Everclear you’ve seen at the liquor store.

Isopropyl alcohol is not meant for human consumption, so don’t, by any means, put it in your mouth — ever!

It’s also important to understand that 99-100% alcohol is flammable. It’s nowhere near as volatile as butane, but you don’t want to handle it around an open flame.

OK, enough with the warnings. Here’s what you’ll need to make budder at home.


  • 2.5 grams of your favorite ganja
  • Containers that pour well and are freezer- and heat-safe
  • 99-100% isopropyl alcohol
  • Metal mesh screen
  • Unbleached coffee filters
  • Pan
  • Hot water


1) Break up your dried and cured bud just a bit (not too small).

2) Put the cannabis on a cookie sheet or other oven-safe surface and dry it at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. Please note: this is not decarboxylation.

3) Once the cannabis is sufficiently dry, put it and the bottle of alcohol in the freezer for three to five hours.

4) Wait (we know this is the hardest part).

5) Pour enough cold alcohol over the cannabis to cover it by at least one inch.

6) Gently swish the mix for 20 seconds.

7) Separate the bud from the alcohol by pouring through a mesh screen.

8) Set the plant matter aside for now (from here on out, we’re going to focus on the alcohol).

9) Pour the alcohol through an unbleached coffee filter into another container.

10) Squeeze the coffee filter to get as much of the alcohol out as possible.

11) Allow the alcohol to evaporate. You can do this in one of three ways:

  1. Place a coffee filter over the top of the container and just give it time.
  2. You can also use a warm water bath to speed the process.
  3. If you’re really impatient (like we are), you can put the water bath on the stove at low to medium heat until you see liquid start to evaporate. Be sure not to boil the alcohol.

12) When all the alcohol is gone, scrape the budder out of the container and store it in a glass container or on some parchment paper.

13) Enjoy the fruits of your labor! (Who said 13 was unlucky?)

You can also run the original buds through a second wash (this time for one minute), to get every drop of the remaining good stuff. Then proceed from step seven as outlined above to extract even more budder.

That’s all there is to it!

A Little Dab’ll Do Ya

budder weed in glass jar

If you’re trying budder for the first time, start small and take it slow. As with any cannabis concentrate, a little dab’ll do ya.

The same goes for making your own budder. Start with a small batch, get the hang of the process, and then increase your production when you’ve got a bit of experience.

At the very least, this will keep you from wasting some perfectly good Mary Jane in a failed attempt to try something new.

For more information on all things cannabis and to check out our 100-percent all-natural marijuana products — including strains, blunts, concentrates, hemp, and Insta products — visit today.

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