CBD for Menstrual Pain: The Best CBD Products on the Market


A woman’s menstrual cycle is a natural, yet sometimes painful, part of life. For many women, the pain they experience during their period is debilitating. Cramps, back pain, headaches… they’re all caused by hormones that are released during menstruation. The menstrual cycle can also be an emotional time for some women as well. It can lead to feelings of frustration and anxiety because of the discomfort it brings.

Many people do not know that CBD can help with these symptoms. CBD is an extract from cannabis that has been shown to have significant therapeutic benefits. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory which means that it will not only help with the pain you feel during your period but it will also reduce inflammation in your body which may be why some people also enjoy it as a medicine to fight arthritis and joint pain.  These are just a few of the many reasons why CBD is so effective for periods.

Learn more about how to alleviate menstrual pain with this guide on the best CBD products on the market today!

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabis extract that can be used to help relieve pain. It does not contain any THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana. This means that CBD does not produce the “high feeling” found with THC.

There are many other benefits to using CBD for periods, including easing anxiety and stress. You can find supplements in many different dosages, which makes it easy to find an appropriate one for you.

CBD for menstrual cramps

The discomfort of a woman’s period can be alleviated through the use of CBD. Women who experience cramps, back pain, and headaches as a result of their menstrual cycle may do best with a CBD-based product.  CBD oil can be used to help relieve pain from cramps and other menstruation-related discomfort caused by hormones. Studies have shown that CBD oil can help with mood swings, anxiety, and insomnia—all problems women experience during their periods.

If you’re looking for CBD oil specifically for menstrual relief, there are many products on the market today that are designed specifically for this purpose. These come in different forms such as capsules, edibles, topical balms, vape juice, tea blends and more!  All of these are available to purchase from Budcargo.net.

CBD for back pain

It’s no secret that menstrual cramps are extremely painful. Sometimes, they can leave you feeling immobile and unable to go about your day-to-day tasks. Cramps are caused by the release of hormones during menstruation, so it’s not uncommon for sufferers to experience back pain as well.

If this sounds like you, then you’ll want to check out CBD oil with THC or CBD capsules. These products are helpful for relieving pain, controlling anxiety, and easing stress. They’re also great for people who are sensitive to other methods of medicine.  The best part? CBD works quickly and doesn’t have any side effects. This means that relief is just moments away after taking your first dose!

CBD for headaches

Do you suffer from menstrual headaches? CBD for headaches is a great way to deal with the pain and discomfort that comes with this time of the month.  A headache can be very debilitating and if left untreated, it can lead to chronic migraines, which can make life difficult.  CBD (cannabidiol) is an extract from cannabis that gives relief from pain such as a headache and helps take away other symptoms like nausea and soreness.  CBD oil is a great product to try if you suffer from any of these symptoms.  CBD for headaches is a convenient way to alleviate some of the pain associated with menstruation without having to rely solely on prescription medication or OTC remedies.


CBD is a natural remedy for pain relief, and if you’ve been suffering from menstrual pain, this article will help you find a CBD product that specifically targets your needs. CBD comes in many different forms such as capsules, lotions, vape pens, oils and edibles.  The choice depends on personal preference.  Westcoast Cannabis wccannabis.co offers a wide range of CBD products. 


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