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Different Ways You Can Utilize Leftover Cannabis Trimmings

When harvesting cannabis plants, sometimes just a few leaves are left on the plant as a result of being grown too densely or having too many nodes. These leftover trimmings are a great source of nutrients, and there are plenty of ways to utilize them. Leftover trimmings are often discarded, but you don’t need to throw them out! Here are some useful ways to use your leftover trimmings. Leftover cannabis trimmings can be used for:

Make Cannabutter

If you’re tired of buying pre-packaged cannabis-infused products, or if you’re just interested in making some of your own, you should try making cannabutter. Cannabutter is a tasty spread that you can use on everything from toast to bagels. Making cannabutter is very similar to making regular butter: you just infuse the cannabis flower with room temperature butter instead of air. This can be done by first grinding the cannabis flower with an grinder, then mixing it with butter in a mixing bowl. The butter/cannabis ratio you end up with will depend on how much butter you infuse the flower with, but it’s a good idea to err on the side of caution when measuring out butter and cannabis. If you infuse too much cannabis flower into the butter, you’ll end up with a “green” butter.

Infuse Your Drink

Cannabis-infused drinks are a fun and convenient way to get your weed-infused buzz. You can make all kinds of drinks, from green smoothies to cocktails. The most popular drink to make with your leftover cannabis plant material is probably a cannabis-infused margarita. The best part about making margaritas with leftover cannabis is that they aren’t very detectable to other people unless you tell them that you’re drinking them, in which case they’ll probably think you’re a genius.

Cannabis-Infused Lotions and Oils

If you’re interested in creating cannabis-infused lotions or oils, the best way to do so is by infusing your butter with the leftover flower trimmings. After infusing the butter with your leftover flower trimmings, you can mix it with almond oil to create a strong cannabis-infused massage oil, or simply add it to your favorite body lotion or oil.

Make Co2 Oil

Creating cannabis-infused co2 oil is a great way to use your leftover cannabis trimmings as a form of carbon. Co2 oil can be used as an alternative fuel or supplement for your indoor plants. Co2 oil is a gas that’s often used in hydroponic or indoor gardening systems. You can create your own carbon-infused co2 oil by mixing your flower trimmings with a non-toxic co2-injection system such as Co2 Growler. Co2 is a greenhouse gas that plants often absorb and use for photosynthesis, so adding a little bit of it to your soil or growing medium can increase its potency.

Hemp and CBD Soap

Soap is a good way to use your leftover flower trimmings without having to vape or eat edibles. After infusing your butter with your leftover flower trimmings, you can use it to create a hemp and CBD soap. Shampoos are used to clean your hair and scalp and remove oils and dirt from your hair. Shampoos are often used to clean your hair after a workout or bath, but they can also be used to clean your hair and scalp before use.

Hemp Compost

Harvested cannabis trimmings can also be used to make hemp compost: a liquid fertilizer made out of the leftover trimmings of hemp plants. This is a great compost for cannabis growers who want to add some extra nutrients to their soil.


Thankfully, making cannabutter and infusing your drink isn’t too difficult or time-consuming. To make your own margaritas or a cannabis-infused oil, you’ll just need a few simple ingredients and a pot. If you’re interested in making your own lotions and oils, you’ll just need a small container. And if you want to create your own co2 oil, all you need is a pot and a CO2-injection system. No matter which method you choose, using leftover cannabis trimmings is a great way to get more use out of your cannabis.

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