How to Fight the Cold and Flu with Cannabis

If you’re looking for a way to fight the cold and flu, you’ve come to the right place. In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll show you how to use cannabis to battle the cold, hot flashes, and fever. Cannabis works to combat the cold, and it’s also been shown to be effective in treating other diseases. If you want to get ahead of the cold, now is the time to start taking care of your health like a boss with cannabis.

How Cannabis Works

Cannabis is a natural product that has been used for centuries to fight colds and flu’s. Research shows that cannabis has both preventative and treatment effects in different types of colds. Cannabis helps to fight sinus infections. This is due to the fact that cannabis is a healthy mix of minerals and vitamins, which is why it can help to reduce the number of fever days lost each day. Additionally, cannabis reduces the number of white blood cells (WBC) taken in the blood. This helps to reduce the number of lymphocytes (the body’s immune system members), which can all be beneficial in fighting colds and flu’s. In fact, cannabis has been shown to be effective against both the cold and the flu.

Cannabis Remedies for Cold or Flu

  • Vaporizing

Vaporizing is a popular cannabis-based remedy for cold and flu.  Vaporizers heat cannabis so that it’s not burning hot, but rather just warm enough to release cannabinoids. These cannabinoids have been shown to improve immune system function.

Additionally, vaporizers are more discreet than smoking because they do not produce smoke or odors and don’t leave tell-tale signs of the substances being used. This makes vaporizing an ideal way to use cannabis without causing any problems at home or work.

  • Smoking

Smoking is another popular option for cold and flu treatment—and one that has been around since the beginning of time itself. Smoking provides instant relief by directly releasing cannabinoids into your blood stream. The inhalation of cannabis helps alleviate symptoms like coughing as well as aches, pains, fever, and headache.

Additionally, smoking is also more discreet than vaping: You can exhale the smoke with a few puffs rather than having to continually heat your cannabis in order to continue using it for treatment. This makes smoking an ideal solution for when you need fast relief from symptoms such as coughing or a sore throat from a cold or flu virus.

  • Tinctures

Tinctures can be used orally or topically.  You can also mix it with your food and drinks.  

Benefits of using cannabis

Cannabis can help improve your immune system. This is because the cannabinoids found in cannabis work to stimulate your body’s natural response to fight off infections and sickness. In addition, Cannabis can help manage symptoms like pain and nausea.  It is an anti-inflammatory, which means they can relieve symptoms like headache, muscle aches, and joint pain which is common when you are under the weather. It also causes you to feel sedated, making it easier to sleep with your cold or flu while you recover from the illness.


As the flu season continues, cannabis can help with the prevention, treatment and recovery of cold or flu symptoms.  It is a good option for those who have a cold or the flu. Not only does it help relieve symptoms, but it also helps you feel better faster. Many different strains have been bred to have a variety of medicinal properties and the list of benefits associated with cannabis goes on and on.  Visit for all your cannabis needs.