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How to Prevent a Weed Hangover

The morning after a night of smoking weed can be pretty disastrous. You feel like you’ve been hit by a truck and your stomach is in knots. So how do you prevent it? Keep reading to learn more about the possible causes of a weed hangover, what you can do to help them go away as quickly as possible, and how to prevent it from happening again in the future.

What is a Weed Hangover?

The hangover you get after smoking weed is called a “wet” or “heavy” headache. It’s caused by the sudden increase in blood pressure that occurs after you consume an intoxicating amount of THC. The THC binds to the receptors in your body that control blood pressure, causing your blood pressure to spike and your blood flow to decrease. When blood flow is decreased, your brain gets less oxygen and can feel like you’ve been hit by a truck. In addition to headaches, what causes a weed hangover can include nausea, dizziness, irritability, fatigue, fatigue, and a low mood. If you’re smoking a strong indica strain, you’re more likely to experience a weed hangover than someone who is smoking a lighter sativa. Even if you’re consuming a strain with a low THC content, your body can still have a negative reaction to the THC. Your tolerance for THC changes throughout your lifetime, so what worked for you when you were younger might not work for you anymore. The more you smoke, the more THC you build up in your system, so you’re also more likely to experience a hangover from smoking more weed.

Symptoms of a Weed Hangover

  • Lightheadedness
  • Dry mouth
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue

Prevention Tips

  • If you’re a heavy smoker, try to cut back on the number of joints you smoke or the amount of time that you are smoking.
  • If you are consuming edibles, try to eat them in smaller amounts, while you’re high, so that they don’t last as long.
  • Make sure to drink enough water when you are consuming marijuana so that your body has enough water to remove toxins and flush out the THC. If you don’t drink water, you’ll get a big hangover.
  • Wait at least a day before consuming marijuana again. Even if you feel fine after the first joint, you don’t want to be in that situation again.
  • Be realistic when you are trying to prevent a weed hangover. If you have a daily marijuana habit, then you will most likely get a hangover.

Why Do You Get a Weed Hangover?

The effects of smoking pot are similar to the effects of consuming alcohol. So why do you end up feeling like you got hit by a truck after smoking? It’s all about the concentration of cannabinoids in your system. When you’re consuming pot, you’re ingesting a mixture of chemicals that include THC and other cannabinoids. The concentration of these chemicals in your system is what determines if you’ll feel the effects immediately or in a few hours. When you consume too much pot, you’ll feel the effects almost immediately because there isn’t enough of the chemicals in your system to keep you from getting anxious and paranoid. Pushing yourself to the point of getting very high quickly can cause a deficiency in your system. When this happens, it’s easy to feel like you got “caught in a bowl.” Your body is trying to regulate the levels of cannabinoids in your system, but it can’t because you pushed it to the limit by smoking too much pot too quickly.

Bottom Line

The best way to prevent a weed hangover is to wait at least 8 hours before consuming marijuana. If you do decide to smoke after drinking, try to consume a low-THC strain that has a low psychoactive effect. This will lower the chances of experiencing a marijuana hangover.  Visit online dispensary for all your cannabis needs.