Blue Razz Hash

BLUE RAZZ is a Hash that’s 100% Canadian-produced, sourced from real premium indoor plants. It takes well over 100 hours to collect this strain of marijuana because it needs so much patience and attention during the process–which makes sense when you realize how fragile these beautiful flowers can be! The freshness in which they start out gives them their characteristic pliability making working with your weed even easier than before. Our expert hash producers take their processing techniques from the traditional, highly skilled workers of Middle Eastern countries who have long cultivated marijuana. They collect all resinous THC trichomes by hand before pressing into gooey bricks. 

This strain-specific hash sets itself apart from others, having an aroma and flavour that is very different from the typical indica we carry. Producing a dense creamy smoke with fantastic hits of spice to keep you coming back for more!


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