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Citrix Hash is a sativa-leaning hybrid that imparts dynamic citrus flavor alongside a productive but not overpowering high.  The strain’s mostly balanced effects make it the perfect accompaniment for adventurous outdoor activities or simply for lounging around at home. Citrix has an average THC content of about 20%.

Flowers of Citrix are visually unremarkable. They adhere in a dense, tightly-packed bud structure, typical of predominantly indica varieties. Tightly-curled leaves appear pale spring green and are threaded through with rust-colored pistils. As with parent strain L.A. Confidential, trichomes blanket the nuggets, giving them a very sticky texture and making them difficult to break up by hand. When properly cured, the flowers burst with citrus aroma — there are notes of fresh orange peel along with an underlying tartness, courtesy of parent strain Grapefruit Notably, this strain has little to none of the hashy, skunky notes usually present in mostly indica strains. When combusted, Citrix Hash burns with a smooth, even smoke and tastes like a tropical melange of orange, pineapple, and grapefruit on the exhale, with just a hint of pine. Sample this strain out of a freshly-cleaned apparatus like a bubble in order to taste its full bouquet.

Citrix Hash has a high that doesn’t hesitate to make itself known. Initial effects are observable as a soaring euphoria and a boost in energy levels. As users adjust to these mood-altering effects, they may feel giddy if they find themselves in social situations. Alternatively, they may find the motivation needed to accomplish a long list of tasks and responsibilities. Buzzy cerebral effects are also evident, and may help users to exert some creative or analytical brain power. Some indica relaxation creeps in as the high wears on, but these physical effects are more mellowing than incapacitating. The eventual synthesis of therapeutic mental and physical effects makes Citrix a great way to enhance activities that involve both body and mind — including, but not limited to, video games, exercise, and sex. Even longtime cannabis smokers have testified to Citrix’s potency and long-lasting effects.

Citrix also has medical applications, primarily for mental health patients. The strain’s mood-boosting effects can help temporarily alleviate mild to moderate stress and depression, clearing away distractions and helping them to live more fully “in the moment.” It may also be a boon for those with attention deficit disorders, allowing them to maintain lucid focus on a single task. Finally, Citrix’s low-grade physical sedation can counteract acute aches and pains. Even though it’s a sativa, Citrix’ cerebral stimulation is mild enough to make the strain appropriate for those prone to panic or those with low THC tolerances.

Citrix has all the gregarious social vibes needed to spur on stimulating conversation at a party. If you do bring Citrix to a gathering, be sure to bring enough bud to share, as the strain’s uniquely tangy flavor profile is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

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