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HERA – Sour Diesel (85% THC)


Lyft – Sour Diesel


85% THC

Re-usable Body + Tip .

Premium Vape Pen, Ceramic coil and core. All-natural, cannabis extract. A clean & effective way to enjoy.

Use just about anywhere & any time! The vapor dissolves easily with no lingering smell with a variety of strains showcasing their unique effects, smoothness and aroma.

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6 reviews for HERA – Sour Diesel (85% THC)

  1. Andrew Marshall (verified owner)

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Robert Seguin (verified owner)

    After 3or4 puff’s you high as a kite and then hungry as a mofo lol

  4. Huguette Pelletier (verified owner)

  5. Donaven Morgan (verified owner)

  6. john m. (verified owner)

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