RISE Apple Bliss Magic Mushroom Syrup


RISE Apple Bliss Magic Mushroom Syrup

Each syringe contains 12 mg of psilocybin – equivalent to roughly 1 grams of psilocybin mushrooms

if you prefer to take a 200mg micro dose, simply push 2 ml of syrup out and reseal the syringe with cap.


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Introducing RISE Apple Bliss Magic Mushroom Syrup! Experience the delight of the crisp, tangy flavor of Granny Smith apples, now infused with the magic of psilocybin mushrooms. Experience the comforting taste while feeling stress melt away and euphoria bloom. Can be consumed by it self or mixed with drinks to transform any drink into a soothing escape. The psilocybin mushrooms has gone through “Lemon Tek” treatment which minimizes the discomfort in stomach and shortens onset time. All of the psilocybin mushrooms have been tested for

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