The Top 10 Items In A Weed Kit That You Should Have


Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newbie, having a kit that has everything you need is a great idea!  We’ve done the homework for you so you don’t have to.  Here are the top must haves for every weed lover.  

  1. Torch Lighter – A cigarette lighter or a book of matches will light your cannabis just fine, but a torch delivers distinct benefits.  It provides a perfect, even burn.  It also quickly fires up your joint or bowl if you happen to be outside in breezy weather.  It lights with ease so it is definitely a must have item in the kit especially if you like the outdoors.
  2. Rolling Tray – Nothing says “class” like a proper rolling tray on which to prepare your herbs.  Move from room-to-room with your gear without breaking a sweat or making a mess.  It’s nice to have all your weed organized and in one area especially during rolling because it just gets everywhere.  Think of it as a stoner’s charcuterie board.
  3. Air Tight Container/Jar – A good stash jar is going to serve you in multiple ways.  Not only will it keep your herbs fresher longer, they also mask the scent well.
  4. Portable Pipe – Having a good, clean and reliable hand pipe is the jumping off point for any good stoner essentials kit.  They are simple & quick to use.  They are travel friendly and highly customizable to fit your personal taste and style.  They can be made from different types of materials anything from glass to silicone.
  5. Bud Grinder – Getting your hands on a quality, multi-chamber grinder is one of the best tools for achieving this.  Ideally you want to go with something that has sharp teeth for easy grinding.
  6. Rolling Papers – Nothing beats a good pull on a nicely flavored paper rolled joint. Rolling papers or “rolleys” can come in all different styles and flavors from bubblegum, coffee to rum.  They can be made from grape leaves, hemp to recycle paper.  It’s definitely something every stoner should have in there kit.
  7. Vape PensVape pens are a great method for smoking discreetly.  It has a less pungent smell compared to joints.  Many vape pens are flavored so the vapor actually smell great!  These types of pens have exploded in popularity in recent years.  This is probably your most low-key way to consume cannabis right next to taking edibles.
  8. Glass/Bong Cleaner – This is where we separate the true stoners from the wannabes! You can have all the best gear and freshest greens, but if your glassware is filthy then your sessions are not what they should be! Not only is dirty glassware foul tasting & smelly, it is also extremely hazardous for your health. Keeping your glass clean regularly is easy and saves you time in the long run when using a good glassware cleaner.
  9. Ash Catcher – If you prefer to roll deep and heavy with a bong, then ash-catchers are a necessary upgrade. Not only do they help keep your glassware fresh & clean by preventing ash and resin from being sucked through, they also add percolation for a smoother, cleaner hit. No self-respecting stoner would be caught without an ash-catcher on their bong rig. Just be sure to match up the correct size and angle to fit your down stem!
  10. Weed! – The most important in every weed kit is weed!  Stock up on your favorite weed strains.  You never know when the mood strikes so it is always a good idea to be prepared.


Now that we have covered the top items that you should have in your arsenal, check out for all your cannabis needs!


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