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Vaping Cannabis: 5 Tips For A Successful Experience

Vaping has become a popular method of consuming cannabis. The technology has only recently emerged as a mainstream option, but it’s quickly becoming the go-to method when it comes to consuming weed. It’s discreet, easily portable and far less odorous than smoking cannabis. There are many benefits of vaping over smoking, including the ability to take small, frequent hits that keep you mellow throughout the day without getting super high afterwards. This guide will provide you with everything from information about vapes and vape juices to tricks for a successful experience. Read on to learn more about this new way to consume weed.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is the act of inhaling vaporized cannabis through an electronic cigarette, pipe or another device. Vaporizers heat the plant material to between 350 and 420 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the type, and turn them into a vapor that can be inhaled and exhaled.

Different Types of Vapes

Vapes range from simple, single-use devices that heat up dry herb to more complex units with multiple settings and a variety of accessories. The two most common types of vapes are conduction vapes and convection vapes. Convection vaporizers heat the herb using hot air; conduction vapes use a heating element for heating the material. With either type, you’ll need to purchase weed oil or e-liquid separately. The complexity of your vape can vary depending on its purpose. If you’re looking to spend as little as possible while still getting a great experience, try a basic vape with no bells and whistles. These kits run around $50-$100 and are easy to maintain. If you’re looking for something more elaborate in terms of features or performance, you can invest in a slightly more expensive vape.

Benefits of Vapes

There are many benefits to vaping over smoking cannabis. Vaping offers the same effects as smoking, but without the smell and most of the toxins that come with it. Additionally, when you vape weed instead of smoke it, you have control over how high you get. This makes it a lot easier to take small, frequent hits throughout the day without getting too high afterwards.

How to Vaporize Cannabis

The first step to vaping cannabis is loading your vape pen. You can choose between dry herb, oil cartridges and wax pens if you don’t want to invest in a full vaporizer. All of the products are extremely easy to use and customizable, so there’s no need to worry about finding the perfect device for your needs. Once you have your device loaded and ready, it’s time to start vaping! Take quick hits from the mouthpiece or inhale through a balloon for a smoother hit. The best part about vaping is that you get the effects without having to inhale smoke into your lungs. Once you’re done vaping, dispose of any leftover weed in a proper container as it will build up in any exposed places and cause damage to your device and/or environment.

Tips For A Successful Vape Session

  1. Make sure your vape is at the right temperature
  2. Get high-quality cannabis oil
  3. Clean your vape regularly
  4. Know your limits
  5. Try new flavors

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to a great vape experience!


Vaping cannabis is a great way to experience the cannabis plant without having to smoke it. There are many ways to take advantage of vaping, whether you are just starting out and want to get a feel for how vaping works or you are a veteran looking for a new way to enjoy weed. Visit online dispensary for all your cannabis needs.