What Is Kief?

Kief is a magic powder that adds a certain *Chef’s Kiss* to the weed that you’re about to smoke. When you buy top-shelf cannabis you see that (especially under a magnifying glass or phone lens) it’s covered in tiny little crystals, you know you’re about to hit the kief jackpot.

If you have a high-performing weed grinder, it likely has a little bottom compartment, past the teeth, and on the other side of a little screen in the middle of your machine. Within this chamber lies a little plate which collects all shimmery green powder that is the most pure and potent byproduct of cannabis flower.

Does Kief Get You Higher Than Marijuana Bud?

Yes. Kief is the chief of getting you elevated, higher than marijuana bud. You’ll often see this material sprinkled inside of joints, blunts, bowls. There’s no limit to the ways you can really put kief to good use! Some use it to top off a bong bowl. In legal markets, you will see products like the Tarantula, which consists of a joint dipped in wax and rolled in kief! These magic little crystals are so revered that many grinders have a specially designed compartment for housing them, and you might not even be using them! Kief is so important to your average toker because it contains much more THC than the rest of your weed and will get you blazed.

Plenty of the kief falls off naturally during the grinding process, and drops down to be stored in the kief chamber.  Though, there are still ways to get kief from your weed from basic two-chamber grinder, you ideally want to utilize a grinder with a specified kief catcher. Certain strains tend to have more kief crystals than others, but it’s about finding what works best with your grinder.

What is and How Do I Use a Kief Catcher to Get the Most Kief Out of My Grinder?

As you grind your flower it’ll turn into smaller particles this is your ground up marijuana for packing or rolling. Now, in a three-chamber grinder you will actually have four parts: the lid, the bowl, the chamber (which has a little screen instead of a bottom), and a kief catcher. This kief chamber is what we’re focusing on today. As you grind your bud it will fall through holes in the bowl of your grinder and into the chamber. These smaller weed pieces then let off little particles through the screen and—voila—that’s how you produce your own kief. You can unscrew the bottom-most piece of your grinder and collect your kief.

Note: by banging your grinder around a little bit you can get more kief to come off of your marjuana resources. Similarly, some people keep a quarter or a nickel inside the screen to knock additional  kief through the screen.

How Do You Get Kief Out of a Grinder Screen?

If you prefer to use a grinder over your fingers, you’ve experienced the frustration of noticing tons of leftover kief get stuck in all the cracks, crevices, and screen of your kief chamber. This kief is going to waste if not excavated properly, and you should most definitely take our advice on this one: don’t just throw away your grinder because it has a kief clogged screen.

There are definitely some ways to clear the extraneous kief out of its chamber that do not involve poking and whittling haphazardly with a knife. One method you might try is the freezer method. The thought behind this methodology is that, when frozen, trichomes trichomes become extremely brittle. When you stick your kief-clogged grinder in the freezer, the crystalline kief trichomes will break off and gather in the kief-catching chamber. This method benefits from longer stretches of time in the freezer, so be patient! The payoff will be worth it. If this tactic didn’t solve your issue, don’t fret! The Weed Blog is here to help once again and get you through these trying situations! Follow along with this article on our website to learn the other top tips and tricks to getting that stubborn kief out of your grinder screen.

What Do You Do With Kief at the Bottom of a Grinder?

Well now that you’ve collected your kief, it’s time to smoke it— what else? With a higher concentration of THC, kief is excellent at getting you much more elevated quickly. Welcome to VIP! Some people, yours truly included, can smoke a tad bit of kief and be higher than if having smoked a whole regular joint! Many cannabis-lovers find that, especially in medical use, adding kief to a joint, blunt, etc. helps avoid the negative health effects of combusting copious amounts of flower,  because you can smoke less and get greater effects! Otherwise consider it as you would a slight dash of cinnamon, just the right touch to spice up a smoke sesh or breathe new life into a tired old bowl.

Is Kief Dangerous/Bad to Smoke by Itself?

Keif is not dangerous to smoke alone, so finish your grinding and “Salt-bae” that bowl, then get to flying! If you’ve been saving up your kief for weeks, or even months, that fact alone might be justification enough to treat yourself and smoke some of that wonderful cannabis flower dust today!

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