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Cannabis is more popular than indoor sports during lockdown

Provinces may not be able to agree if cannabis is an essential business, but chances are, unless you’re a medical user, when considering the things you need for lockdown, keeping well stocked with pot is more of a luxury than a need.

A recent survey of 990 cannabis users in the US by American Marijuana found that cannabis isn’t anywhere near the top of the list for most when stocking up — most but not all.

Across the board, the sampled marijuana consumers would prefer food, face masks, hand sanitizers, and toilet paper over pot if they had to choose — all solid choices. However, while the majority is capable of prioritizing, 5% of respondents said they would purchase their herbs before food, 15% before buying hand sanitizer, 17% over toilet paper, and 23% over face masks.


American Marijuana

When it comes to stockpiling goods for a long-term quarantine, the 990 cannabis users were split on if they needed to add the drug to their preparations.

When surveyed, 49% of participants did stock marijuana products during the coronavirus pandemic, while 51% chose not to stock marijuana products, indicating they didn’t feel there were going to be any issues with supply during the crisis.

The reasoning for purchases were diverse, as well.

Of those stockpiling pot, 55% did so to “calm themselves during the coronavirus outbreak,” while 23% started a cannabis cache out of the “fear of both the pandemic and marijuana product shortage.”

Alternatively, 22% did it to just “chill at home.”

Of the group, 34% said there has been an uptick in the amount of cannabis they use since the start of the pandemic, while the remaining 66% haven’t noted any increase at all.

Of the data though, where cannabis really distinguished itself, was with a showing as the preferred pastime. Weed was not the number one quarantine activity, as hobbies and watching television took more than half of popular opinion, with 26.77% and 28.8%, respectively.

American Marijuana

However, at a respectable 16.67%, “smoking a joint” beat out indoor sports/exercise (13.43%) and surfing the internet (15.06%) as the thing people want to do most while inside.

It’s not a bad pick considering just about all of these activities can be done before and after indulging anyway.

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