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What Is The Meaning of Wake and Bake

Many of you have likely heard about the new trend of consuming cannabis, also known as “Wake and Bake.” This term is used to describe how people take their first hit of weed in the morning before heading out to start their day. Instead of waiting until later in the evening or even at night, […]

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How to Gifting Cannabis to Your Friends: A 5-Step Guide

There’s probably no better feeling than knowing you’ve helped another human being feel better and have a positive impact on their life. That’s why so many of us become friends with people we’d never normally meet. But when it comes to giving a friend cannabis as a gift, you need to tread carefully. There are […]

Guide To Growing Weed Indoors

We are honored you’ve chosen The Weed Blog to learn how to grow cannabis indoors. Before you get your hands in the dirt, it’s important to understand the legality of cannabis cultivation in your area to prevent any unpleasant interactions with law enforcement or significant legal consequences.  Research your state and local marijuana laws to ensure you’re […]

4/20/20 in the Time of Coronavirus

With the country adhering to shelter-in-place practices, many within the cannabis community and weed culture have started to openly fret about what would happen to their favorite day of the year: 4/20, especially in the year 2020.  I mean, who knew that the 4/20/20 holiday we have all anticipated for years (a whole month of […]

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Cannabis has added over $8 billion to Canada’s GDP

According to Statistics Canada, the cannabis industry has added over $8 billion to Canada’s Gross Domestic Product since fall 2018. The latest numbers, released Monday, show that the cannabis industry added $8.259 billion to the economy between when the products became legal in October 2018 to the end of July 2020. This is up from a […]