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How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Body?

When it comes to consuming cannabis, everyone has their own plan in mind. Some might smoke a joint every day to alleviate stress and paint, while others might smoke from a bong once in a while as the socially acceptable time to do so has come end of the day. However, when it comes to driving after consuming cannabis, everyone fails. Even if you’re a responsible driver and follow all traffic laws while driving after consuming cannabis, there is still a chance you will be caught by law enforcement and end up with a DUI charge on your record. As soon as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) enters our system through inhalation or ingestion, it begins binding with fatty acids to create CB1 receptors in our brain and nervous system. Therefore, within seconds to minutes, most people feel drowsy or ‘high’ from consuming Cannabis. Henceforth, that’s why most people fail within the first few moments of driving after consuming cannabis because they are not able to keep their eyes open for more than few seconds at a time.

How long is cannabis detected in a urine sample?

Urine tests are generally done around 12 hours after the consumption. If you are a heavy smoker, then the THC may still be detected in your urine up to 72 hours after the consumption. However, it varies from one person to another. The Under the Influence of Direct Drug (UVID) program is the most common roadside test for detecting if someone is under the influence of drugs. If a person is found to have THC in their system, they are given a chemical swab to collect a urine sample.

How long is cannabis detected in blood sample?

Most employers prefer to take a blood sample to detect the amount of THC in your bloodstream. Blood test can detect the presence of THC in your blood stream up to 48 hours after the consumption. The only downside of this is that it’s only applicable to heavy smokers and not the occasional users.

Can You Drive After Consuming Cannabis?

Yes and no. Though many people assume that they can drive after consuming cannabis, it’s not true. Once you consume cannabis, the THC starts binding with the receptors in your brain and results in a short-term high. Now, the question arises here if I can drive after consuming THC, right? Yes, it’s a big NO. Driving after consuming cannabis has several issues associated with it. First, you don’t know how much cannabis you consumed. Second, you don’t know if you’re driving on the road or the rail. Lastly, if the traffic cop sees you consuming cannabis, then there is a high chance that you will end up with a DUI charge.


Driving after consuming cannabis is never safe and will lead to many problems. You might get caught by law enforcement, lose your license and end up with a DUI charge on your record. So, it’s better to refrain from driving after consuming cannabis. If you absolutely have to drive, then you should not drive for more than 3 hours after consuming cannabis. Also, it’s better to take a cab or arrange an uber to avoid any risky situation. Cannabis has been a part of our lives for thousands of years. Many people use it for medical purposes, and many more consume it for recreational reasons. However, consuming it while driving is one of the most dangerous things you can do. If you consume cannabis, it’s important that you know how long it will be in your system and how to avoid getting a DUI.