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A gourmet marijuana-infused chocolate hazelnut spread.

Total THC Dosage:
300mg THC/Jar from Distulate

Maximum Serving Size (Experienced Users):
75mg THC/oz

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Total THC Dosage:
300mg THC/Jar from Distulate

Maximum Serving Size (Experienced Users):
75mg THC/oz

Budtella is a marijuana-infused chocolate hazelnut spread. Budtella is recommended for experienced cannabis users ONLY… Please ingest with caution.

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7 reviews for Budtella

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  1. Aimee K. (verified owner)

  2. jrpf366

    I just want to say and I’ve used this company my delivery takes a day from Vancouver to Windsor using Purolator courier. The product sent is always been dead nuts on weight and quality they if 6 Stars we’re available they get 6 out of 5

  3. johnny_604 (verified owner)

    I’ve tried many similar products, but this one stands out. It’s the best of the best!

  4. Dani_43 (verified owner)

    I recently tried the Chocolate THC and it was an absolute treat! The combination of rich, smooth chocolate and the cannabis infusion created a unique and delightful experience. The taste was heavenly, and the THC added a pleasant and relaxing effect. I appreciate the attention to detail in the dosage, making it easy to enjoy responsibly. If you’re looking for a delicious and enjoyable way to indulge in some THC, Chocolate THC is definitely worth a try! Highly recommended.

  5. John sierra (verified owner)

    Indulging in Chocolate THC was an incredible experience! The rich and velvety chocolate melted in my mouth, while the carefully infused THC added a delightful twist to the treat. The dosage was just right, providing a perfect balance of relaxation and euphoria. The packaging was sleek and discreet, ensuring privacy and convenience. Highly recommend this delectable cannabis-infused chocolate for a blissful journey.

  6. Chronic77 (verified owner)

    So tasty! Loved it! And felt more potent than expected. I normally don’t get much from edibles but this definitely had me in a relaxed state!

  7. Chronic77 (verified owner)

    Bought some more for gifts and everyone loved it! Quick delivery and potent and delicious chocolate hazelnut spread just can’t be beat!

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