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A trip to Hawaii can be both an exciting and relaxing break from reality, but it’s not cheap. Luckily there are some affordable flights on offer these days thanks to ‘Hawaiian Dream’ – just one of many strains that have been created in the Aloha state!

The creators of Moani Naturals knew that adding two strong Sativa-leaning strains to their line would make for a compelling offering. They found the perfect balance in Blue Dream and Hawaiian, which quickly invigorates your mind while still leaving you feeling cerebral focused at all times – just like a good pair should!

Hawaiian Dream is a pure Sativa among an industry of hybrids. But more importantly, its higher levels of CBD than THC make it beneficial both recreationally and medically! When smoked this strain will cause you to have visuals that are so intense they’ll be hard for your brain to comprehend at first–but just let those feelings wash over you as the cannabinoids do their job inside us all.

Though created for medical purposes, Hawaiian Dream retains enough THC to be of recreational value. Some seasoned users accustomed to incredibly potent strains may not feel the cerebral buzz when in reality it does induce a subtle psychedelic high that less experienced smokers enjoy more so than they would think possible from such an exquisite strain!

The initial onset begins with a gradual rush of euphoria to the brain. It leaves users beaming with happiness especially as this uplifting buzz spreads deep into their minds and encourages them towards heightened levels of focus even while still being clear headed enough for work or other everyday responsibilities!

A light buzzing pressure eases down from the temples, relaxing muscles and making it seem like one’s limbs are heavier than usual. Although no numbing or sedating effects will keep you glued to your couch!

Hawaiian Dream is a great morning strain because it’s mild and awakening. It can be used any time of the day, but should really shine before work or school as an excellent wake-and bake type bud!

The tropical and citrus flavors of Hawaiian Dream are both present with notes that smell like orange. When combusted, its sweet floral undertones mix well to create a scent reminiscent of damp soil blown by an ocean breeze.

Hawaiian Dream bursts in a myriad of tropical flavors such as oranges, grapefruits and pineapples. On the exhale its sweetness is matched by an equally powerful citric tanginess.

The effects of Hawaiian Dream are subtle but they provide the user with a brief reprieve against all their worries. An instant high, it temporarily relieves stress and anxiety in users while they’re still feeling good enough to handle anything else life throws at them!

Hawaiian Dream not only works as an analgesic, but also helps soothe away pain from spasms and cramps. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling in the temples while soothing them with its pleasant scent!



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5 reviews for Hawaiian Dream – Oz Deal

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  1. aaron.dyke79 (verified owner)

    5 stars for taste alone. very sweet aroma and a little sugary to the taste you’ll notice off your first pull. Contrary to what I was led to believe the potency is not bad. Definetly numbs you out and what a pleasure to smoke.

  2. J3ZA (verified owner)

    the buds were actually amazing, nice sized and had a nice bit of crystal that u could see would recommend

  3. Natalia Fast (verified owner)

    Would definitely recommend 5*

  4. Michael Nelson (verified owner)

    good weed great prize

  5. CannaMama (verified owner)

    Good weed for gatherings

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