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Pandora Box plays its part in overcoming depressive disorders, anxiety and stress-related syndromes. It may also be used to treat the symptoms of diseases such as glaucoma, arthritis and nausea.

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Everyone knows the story of Pandora and how she opened a box to let out all the evils of the world. Does it follow that the Pandora’s Box strain contains something so horrible and dangerous for consumption?

But what is what is inside the box is something so pleasant and delightful?

Of course, we are not going to get into the myth. Instead, we will now look at the genetic lineage of Pandora’s Box.

Our featured hybrid comes from notorious parents – Space Queen and Jack the Ripper.

Space Queen delivers an intense high that sends its users on a trip to the fringe of the universe. On the other hand, as if its name is not notorious enough, Jack the Ripper also delivers an insanely potent high that sometimes leaves users confused and paranoid.

Interestingly, Jack the Ripper is the offspring of Space Queen and Jack Cleaner. In other words, our Pandora Box is the result of an incestuous affair between Jack the Ripper and one of its parent, the Space Queen.

About the only thing that the strain can do to deserve a notorious connotation is that it can induce paranoia. It is one of its negative reactions that will be covered one of the following sections. Let us take a look first at its effects and benefits.

Pandora Box has an above average potency measured as high as 22% THC. Any time a strain breaches 20%, then it is considered as very high. The thing about this hybrid is that the experience feels like it is stronger than what was published.

This quick-acting strain delivers a buzzing mental high that results in users feeling energetic and euphoric. So, not only does it uplift the spirit and induce happiness, it brings people to the point of elation. In addition to that, Pandora’s Box also clears the mind and lets the creative juice flowing. Either the users are coming up with ideas one after another or most likely, could find themselves lost in their deep thoughts.

It is not surprising for users to giggle more or burst out laughing. In that sense, the strain works great in a group due to users feeling a little more social.

Soon after the onset of the mental high, the buzzing high creeps down to the body. As a result, users start feeling the numbing sensation of relaxation. At this point, there is a possibility of users being locked on the couch or the bed.

Once the buds break, a sweet blend of citrus and fuel or chemical fills the air. We agree with the observations of most people. Pandora’s Box comes with a great scent.

When it comes to how it tastes, it has a spicy tone blended with a mix of citrus and pine. The concoction seems to work well as its taste is described as delightful by most of the people who have used this strain.

This version of Pandora Box is unlike the one in the myth. Once opened, it does not release evil. Instead, it captures all the troubles of the world so that users may feel relaxed and less stressed. As such, it helps medical users deal with mental disorders including depression.

It also comes with other benefits such as helping people deal with nausea and reduce the symptoms of pains and aches.

Remember how one of its effects is to deliver a boost in energy? It is very much like drinking a cup of double espresso. The energy it provides helps some users manage fatigue.

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