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Mystery breeders are to thank for bringing Purple Punch into our lives, as this potent bud offers a burst of flavor with effects that you’ll crave time and time again. Crossing Granddaddy Purple with Larry OG Larry OG was a smart idea, as this indica-dominant strain brings forth the best in both of her parents. Individuals who are longing for equally strong mind and body effects should give this bud a go.

While she may not sound strong at a high of 20% THC, Purple Punch does also include 1% CBD and ends up hitting you like a Mack truck. Nugs are very fluffy and bright with a neon tone to them accompanied by reddish pistils and amber trichomes. Some might describe the flavors and aromas of this bud as a punch to the face, and rightfully so, as a strong grape Kool-Aid note is present. However, this is balanced out by other delicious flavors including blueberries, vanilla, and herbs.

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Your high with Purple Punch starts off with full force, as a strong cerebral stimulation will hit you just behind the eyes. Spirits are lifted with ease and you’ll almost feel like a balloon that’s floating up into the sky. As you continue to get higher and higher, both literally and metaphorically, bodily effects will kick in and help to balance things out with a heavy state of sedation. Depending on your tolerance, you may find this to be the ideal time to curl up and sleep for the night, or at the very least the point in the evening when you put on your favorite movie and space out.

Purple Punch is known for her ability to lift one’s spirits with ease, so it’s no surprise that medical users turn to her when they are down in the dumps. Both stress and depression are soothed relatively quickly, and instances of bodily pain are also treated with ease. If you have a headache, cramps, muscle spasms, or nearly any other ailment, turn to Purple Punch. Obviously, this bud is also great for individuals who battle insomnia on a regular basis.

If you’ve fallen in love with this strain, there’s a good chance that you want to bring her home and make her one of your own. Luckily, seeds of Purple Punch are very easy to acquire, and after only 8 to 10 weeks, you’ll be happy to see a very high yield on your hands. Growing specifics are a little fuzzy with this gal, although we do know that both indoor or outdoor applications are just fine.

When you want to blast your tastebuds and also have a truly memorable cannabis experience, Purple Punch is the way to go. This bud is readily available in many places across the nation, so give this bud a try and watch all of your cares fade away.

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8 reviews for Purple Punch – Oz Deal

Based on 8 reviews
  1. Patrick O’Brien (verified owner)

    Just recieved my purple punch and it arrived in 1 day!! Fastest delivery lve ever had from the far end of the country last site l ùsed,( Naked something) took 6 days. I like the small buds. They are every bit as good as the larger ones. I will be using BUD CARGO a lot from now on.

  2. Patrick O’Brien (verified owner)

    Just bought another bag of the popcorn buds. For AAAA you can’t beat the price or the quality you get for it. I said l’d be back and here l am! Also came FAST!!

  3. Joe Derkach (verified owner)

    Even though they are smaller buds the quality is amazing. Great flavor Great buzz. Definitely will order again.

  4. jaffamarial (verified owner)

    taste and look awesome. Don’t hesitate

  5. General Malarky (verified owner)

    I bought this sack twice it was so good. Nice flavour soft Minty, Fruity and pine. Thing I like the best was the high, got you nice and up there but it also brought you back down leaving you stress free, great functional weed. Buds are dense and sugary.

  6. Karen Briones (verified owner)

    Good quality for the price

  7. Francis Dubois Deslauriers (verified owner)

    It was delivered inside 48hrs but inside the bag it’s not purple punch at all. Purple punch is supposed to be strong fruity smell and taste and this one smells absolutely nothing and tastes blend. I would recommend the growers to buy a sample of real purple punch from SQDC to know what it’s supposed to be.

  8. nettodaghetto (verified owner)

    I almost tought id spend 4/20 with zero weed, just got it delivered at 6pm took almost a week but i did order on friday early nightime morning and it was easter weekend and of course on tuesday we had to have n unexpected snow storm so i just got it. My second time ordering 1st time was really fast tho, ordered on Friday was delivered on Sunday anyways…i trusted the reviews on this order and i can say that they are not wrong weed looks good , don’t mind the popcorn size, got lots of purple, smeels good but the taste is not that great feels like i am smoking some outdoor but the high is great so all good but im ma have to 4 stars cause of the taste.

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