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The intense euphoria comes from the Sativa inheritance of Super Mario. The Indica is a bit weaker, which translates to weaker sedation feelings and no couch-lock state. You won’t fall into a near-coma state of sleepiness. Instead, your mind and body will benefit from the therapeutic effects.

Super Mario alleviates symptoms of:

  • Migraines
  • Regular pain or aches
  • Appetite loss
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
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The Super Mario strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with an intense euphoric buzz. The cerebral buzz will take you by surprise the first time you take a smoke. However, as the high reaches a threshold, the bodily sedation begins. It’s not exactly a full-blown sedation, though, seeing as though you’ll be sufficiently euphoric to repel the sleepiness. The THC concentration reaches 12-18% and there’s a fair amount of CBD as well, according to some consumers.

The earthy aroma combines with the sweet flavour of pine and wood, making for a truly delicious strain. You’ll want to keep smoking it until you finish the entire joint, though we don’t recommend this. Super Mario is the type of strain that you want to savour and smoke slowly, taking in every bit of flavour and aroma.

Super Mario looks like a super strain with a super flavour and super aroma. The green and purple nugs are closely packed together, each of them surrounded by orange hairs. The coat of frosty trichomes tops things off, putting the final cherry on top of the cake. It makes for a very delicious strain which you can barely wait to smoke. The first toke will also be the most intense.

During the initial phase, the cerebral high will bring a solid dose of euphoria and energy. This is when all negative thoughts vanish, being replaced by motivation, joy, and boundless euphoria. The thick flavour of earthiness will flood your nostrils and give you a sense of woody freshness. It’s a natural smell that’ll rattle your senses wildly!

Super Mario is often used to provide an extra dose of euphoria on rainy days. When you feel off or down, this strain will bring your mood back to a normal level. You’ll feel relaxed, at ease, and perfectly comfortable with yourself and everything around you. The high lasts for a solid couple of hours, which is just perfect, considering you may need a therapeutic treatment.

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4 reviews for Super Mario – Wholesale

  1. Manon Dion (verified owner)

    Je suis impressionné malgré le prix le buzz y est, un beau high! Je vais faire le plein pour cette hiver 🙂 à cause du prix ca vaut un 5 étoiles

  2. Dave Gladstone (verified owner)

    Not bad smoke little harsh but good buzz that creeps up on ya

  3. was (verified owner)

    very dry bush weed grown outdoors!!..only worth a dollar a gram, almost all shake…very unimpressed.

  4. was (verified owner)

    Bud Cargo excellent customer service came to the rescue, I will never order anywhere else!…mistake was fixed!

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