THC Oil Capsules (50mg)


SkunkPharm’s THC OIL capsules are a distillate oil based product made from premium cannabis flower and are infused with additional terpenes to restore certain therapeutic benefits of cannabis typically lost in processing.

Each capsule contains 50mg of full spectrum THC distillate oil and a blend of organic oils and botanical terpenes known for their ability to mitigate pain and stress, and aid in a restful night’s sleep.

Full Spectrum THC Distillate Oil
50% Grapeseed oil/50% MCT Oil
Organic Botanical Terpenes

50mg THC/Capsule

5 capsules (250mg/pk), 20 capsules (1000mg/pk), 40 capsules (2000mg/pk)

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SkunkPharm’s THC Oil Capsules was created for patients looking for a sleep enhancing tincture while simultaneously helping relieve pain, stress and inflammation.




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