Wollygong Magic Mushroom

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The Wollygong Magic Mushroom is a visually intensive and introspective shroom originating from Australia. Wollygong shrooms are recognizable by their distinctive creamy-gold coloured caps and meaty stalks. Wollygong magic mushrooms are known for inducing experiences as unique as their name! Users can expect deepened philosophical introspection and powerful thoughts, as well as incredible visuals full of reality-bending colours and hallucinations. While experienced psychonauts are in for the trip of their lives, beginners may want to work their way up to Wollygong shrooms with another strain first.

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The Wollongong Magic Mushroom strain was originally found in the Illawarra region of Wollongong Australia. It is a very unique strain, and a highly potent member of the cubensis family. The effects of the Wollongong are powerful, and can sometimes be overwhelming for novice users, which is why we recommend this strain to more experienced psychonauts. A standard dosage of 2-4g can produce extremely powerful visual hallucinations, accompanied by a deep sense of connection with divinity and the world around you. The Wollongong is definitely what we would call an “introspective” trip.

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  1. yardplots (verified owner)

    Hits quicker than most with a sense of higher consciousness. Insightful, sharpened colors, tracers, mind-altering effects. Forehead feels stress free. Lowered back pain too. I really like these.

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