Successful Wake And Bake

For my fellow cannabis consumers and enthusiasts, I know individual smoking routines can sometimes take on ritualistic properties. With something as beneficial and uplifting as marijuana, having repeatable steps and regular setting for your toke sessions can bring you a greater sense of appreciation for the, hopefully, top-shelf chronic you’re enjoying. Some marijuana enthusiasts favor the ritual of smoking before bedtime, while many others see the blissful relief of a wake and bake to be even more delightful.

The Meaning of Wake and Bake

Do you ever wonder to yourself (“why is it impossible for me to wake up?”. Mornings are undeniably a rough time for many of us, and weed enthusiasts all over the world have a long-championed solution for. The concept of waking and baking involves a recently roused person having an energizing cannabis smoke session in the same manner one would enjoy a cup of coffee to shake off the groggy, miserable feeling of being awake.

How Do You Wake and Bake?

Image of a woman who has obviously just enjoyed a delightful wake n bake session.

There is no set rule as to which method of consumption is required for a solid wake n bake; some will proclaim to always start their days off with a dab while other early rising stoners prefer to spark a joint. Are you one of those rare few who actually enjoys the first moments after awakening from a long slumber? Mad props! You will appreciate the animating effects of a wake and bake all the more.

What is it Like Smoking a Bowl or Joint in the Morning?

As with so many subjective cannabis queries such as this, you can expect that your mileage may vary. The first time I ever participated in a wake & bake, I was in Chicago staying with two of my best friends for an extended weekend. My first morning in their apartment, I was nudged awake by a tightly packed bong and a breakfast spread of glazed donuts and coffee. Aside from feeling like complete royalty, the early morning smoke session did wonders for my usually drowsy and bleary-eyed demeanor, which is all the more prominent after a late night or early alarm. Admittedly with the assistance of the caffeine dump, the kush I smoked that morning quickly stifled the pounding in my head, and I felt as though I had just stepped into a pleasant, golden ray of sunshine.

The initial high would taper off throughout the day, though I experienced a mild buzz through most of the afternoon. If you were to ask me “why do people wake and bake?”, I would reference this feeling, as well as a number of other benefits I experience from waking and baking. For me and many others out there, preparing and eating breakfast can sometimes be a hassle in the morning, and many cite morning depression as a significant reason why they skip breakfast. I personally find smoking in the morning to be the only surefire way to ensure I eat a hearty breakfast. While a typical person might feel burdened by even the simple process of making oatmeal for themself, after a wake n bake, I find it a true joy to whip myself up everything from protein smoothies to gourmet frittatas.

Are There Any Negative Side-Effects from Wake and Bake?

It’s certainly conceivable that having an all-out weed smoke session first thing may not be totally invigorating and uplifting for everyone, though. Some cannabis enthusiasts report feeling the opposite of refreshing sensations from waking and baking and, rather, feel foggy for longer than they typically would in the mornings. I will admit not every early morning toke has treated me with the same cerebral enhancing sensations. I’m not typically too choosy about the strains I smoke, though in the mornings I tend to shoot to smoke only the sativa-dominant variety. I am especially partial to the sativa-dominant Pineapple Kush, which I have found to be notably delectable and uplifting.

Can You Smoke Indica in the Morning?

Any cannabis consumer can smoke an indica for their morning wake & bake; however, the general terpene and cannabinoid profile of indica strains is often conducive to sedation. I would recommend trying a sativa strain in the morning as you’re more likely to get an uplifting, stimulating effect. Conversely, many suffering from chronic pain often observe a stimulating effect from consuming indica strains due to the analgesic properties generally associated with these strains.

Wrapping Up: Is Wake n Bake For You?

Picture of a breakfast tray with cannabis infused tea, which is the perfect way to start off your morning wake & bake.

You really won’t know until you give it a whirl. Whether you’re a more seasoned consumer of cannabis or a novice toker, I would advise you to build in some additional time, ideally two or more hours, to your morning so you can have a chance to be truly mindful and experience the full range of effects a wake & bake elicits for you personally. Conversely, if you feel mounting lethargy as a result of your first morning toke, you can easily hop back in bed for an extra sleep cycle or go for an energizing walk after a cup of coffee without fearing your daily agenda will be negatively impacted.

Do you have any personal tips for enhancing your wake n bake sessions? We would love to hear from you in the comments with any words of wisdom you have for starting every day the right way: elevated and energized!

The wake and bake is a daily routine practiced by millions of marijuana smokers.

Some people would classify a wake and bake as activity that is done within minutes after opening your eyes in the morning. Then, there are others who say a wake and bake is after you have woken up, maybe after a shower and some breakfast. Really, a wake and bake is all the same, as long as it is within a few hours of waking up.

For me, wake and bake is part of my daily morning routine. As I get ready for the day, I’m sparking up. Lighting up a freshly rolled joint, or a fresh packed bowl in the morning wakes the senses, and with a good sativa bud, provides you the energy and creativeness you need to get through the day.

For those of you who say that “waking and baking leaves you feeling tired and lazy” there are some tips to change that and make you feel ready to start the day after a wake and bake. Always remember, a wake and bake can make your day or ruin your day, it’s just how you go about the wake and bake.

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