hiding the smell

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, then chances are you probably live in a space that doesn’t exactly agree with your natural scent. Sure, stinky socks and rolled-up gym socks might be the culprit here, but no matter how much you air out your place or change your clothes, it’s likely you’re going to keep getting hit with that pungent aroma even after the other signs of weed have subsided. If you don’t want everyone to know about your secret smoking habits, then follow these helpful tips for hiding the smell of weed in your home. Read on for more information.

Hang Up Your Clothes

Soaking your clothes in a bucket of water is a tried-and-true method that’s been around for years to get rid of the smell of weed. Most people think that the smell is only in the clothes, but the smell is actually on your flesh too. So, the best thing you can do to prevent the smell from coming back is to wash your clothes regularly at least once a week. Ensure that you wash your clothes with a detergent that has enzymes that can eliminate the smell. If you don’t have time to do this, you can hang your clothes in the bathroom to dry. Although this isn’t the best solution because the smell will still be in the air of your home, it’s better than doing nothing at all.

Change Your Sheets

If you’ve been smoking in bed, then changing your sheets as soon as you realize the smell has set in is a quick and easy way to stop the smell in its tracks. Most sheets are treated with a fragrance that masks the smell of your cannabis, so this should do the trick. However, some stinky sheets are difficult to get rid of, so you may have to use bleach regularly to keep the smell at bay.

Don’t Smoke In The Rooms You frequent The Most

Although it’s not as noticeable in your own space, smoking weed in other people’s rooms is bound to be spotted if you don’t keep it up in the other rooms. Change the room as soon as you realize the smell has set in; keep smoking in a different room. If you’ve been smoking in the living room, for example, then change the room to the dining room or the kitchen as soon as you start to notice the smell. This will prevent the smell from permeating through the other rooms.

Keep Your Air Fresh

If you’ve been smoking inside your home, then it’s important to ensure that your air isn’t laden with the smell of marijuana. If your home has been permeated with the smell of weed, then try keeping the windows open and the doors closed to ensure that the air isn’t laden with that smell. You can also use an air freshener that has a scent that can cover the smell of weed. You can also try a marijuana air freshener that has a strong scent that can mask the smell of weed. You can also invest in an air purifier to get rid of the smell in your home.

Get A Deodorizing Candle Or Incense Burner

Try using a deodorizing candle or a diffuser that has a strong scent that can mask the smell of cannabis. Alternatively, you can also try using an air purifier. Some air purifiers can also be used as deodorizers, so it’s worth checking. Keep these things in your house so that you can mask the smell as soon as it sets in. You don’t want to be smoking in your home and masking the smell with these things, so keep them around to get rid of the smell as soon as it sets in.


The smell of weed is one of the most challenging parts of smoking cannabis. There’s no way around it — the smell of weed can be hard to get rid of. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to mask the smell until the right time for you to use cannabis again comes along.  Visit Budcargo.net online dispensary for all your cannabis needs.