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It’s common knowledge that smoking from a bong is the purest way of consuming cannabis. But before your next toke, make sure you clean your bong regularly. Cleaning your bong is necessary to keep the pipe free of any residual ash and resin, which can irritate the throat if they remain in the pipe after smoking. While cleaning a bong might seem like a daunting task, it’s actually quite simple with just a few basic household supplies. Read on to learn how to clean a bong.

What is a Bong?

A bong is an apparatus used to smoke cannabis out of a pipe or bong stem. While bongs are typically associated with smoking cannabis, they are also commonly used to smoke tobacco. Some glass bongs are capable of smoking both cannabis and tobacco, while others are only suitable for cannabis use. The water filtration system in a bong separates the smoke and the ash and allows the smoke to travel through the chamber without absorbing the ash from the burning cannabis Leaf or bud. Bongs are constructed of various glass and metal materials, with differing sizes and features designed to help the smoker get the most out of their experience.

Tools and Materials You’ll Need

  • Bong cleaning bowl: A bowl used to rinse your bong after cleaning. 
  • Bong cleaning brush: A sturdy pipe brush is used to scrub the interior of the bong. 
  • Dry paper towel: A paper towel is used to dry the bong after cleaning. 
  • Clean water: You’ll need clean water to clean your bong. 
  • Rubber gloves: A pair of rubber gloves can prevent oils from getting on your hands and fingernails. 
  • Bong cleaning agent: If you like to add flavourings to your bong, you’ll want to clean out the bowl. 

How to Clean a Bong

Bong cleaning is a simple process that requires clean water, a pipe brush, a scrub brush, and a couple of bowls for rinsing. If your bong has an ash catcher, place it in a bowl before cleaning to avoid dislodging it. To clean your bong, start by disassembling the bong and placing all the pieces in a container so they don’t get lost and dirty. Next, fill the container with clean water and add a few drops of detergent or soap. The idea is to use a bowl of water and a small amount of soap to prevent soap scum buildup if cleaned regularly. Using a pipe brush, scrub the inside of the bong, including the bowl and joint pieces, to eliminate any lingering residue. If your bong has an ash catcher, remove it from the water and place it in a separate bowl to avoid getting it wet. Once the bong pieces and bowl are clean, refill the container with clean water, place on the lid, and store in a cabinet or other dry place until you’re ready to clean again.

Benefits of Cleaning a Bong Regularly

  • Your bong will last longer: Bongs are prone to breaking if they’re not cleaned regularly, so it’s best to clean your bong regularly. With a clean and dust-free bong, you’ll enjoy a longer, smoother smoke. 
  • Less waste: When you use a bong, there’s usually some residual ash and resin left in the bong after each use. Keeping your bong clean means that you’re only cleaning the walls of the bong, which means you’re only wasting a small amount of material. 
  • Better draws: Not only will your bong be cleaner overall, but it will also be smoother and cooler, making for great draws and less hand fatigue.


Bongs are an essential part of any cannabis enthusiast’s arsenal, but they can also be a real pain to clean. This guide will show you how to clean a bong and keep it clean, no matter how often you use it. If you follow these instructions, you’ll be able to clean your bong easily and efficiently. If your bong gets dirty, clean it as soon as possible, as house dust and residue from other activities can also cause irritation. Keep your bong clean and ready for use, and you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite smoking method without any issues. Bongs are great for consuming cannabis, and they’re also a great way to get high if you don’t want to breathe any toxic smoke.  Visit Budcargo.net online dispensary for all your cannabis needs.