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Loud Cake has a portentous name but it’s actually a cheery strain. It not only zaps you with a happy buzz and makes you hungry but brings the cake too, smothered in fresh pineapple and sour lemon. Loud Cake cleverly reads between the lines of its parents’ names, coming up with a divorce from Wedding Cake and White Widow, a celebration of marriage and a mourner thinking about her loss. The combination that likely comes to you by way of Jungle Boys, one of the few farms currently growing Loud Cake, isn’t a downer at all. It’s a whole new way to experience Wedding Cake genetics.

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17 reviews for BUDDHA BOYS – Loud Cake – AAAA

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  1. Felix Kearns (verified owner)

    Heavy body high. Good for pain, nausea, appetite and sleep .

  2. Tom Duong (verified owner)

    I found this one to be decently potent. Would buy again.

  3. Penkey Matrick (verified owner)

    It made me feeling nice and relaxed.

  4. Dan Cook (verified owner)

    Great high!

  5. Megan Troy (verified owner)

    This put me on a really feel good mood and I am loving it

  6. Luke shaw (verified owner)

    Nothin but good stuff about this strain happy

  7. color199 (verified owner)

    Very intense high, pungent aroma. I enjoy this strain.

  8. Max Cornoy (verified owner)

    Heavy body high. Good for pain, nausea, appetite and sleep

  9. Alexandre Rochefort (verified owner)

    Instantly one of my favourites. Heaviest smoke I’ve had from BC

  10. flowerykick (verified owner)

    This strain is amazing for me, i love the taste and the high is honestly one-of-a kind.

  11. Fisher Ming (verified owner)

    Nice and spicy strain. The smoothness on this strain was probably the highlight, the flavour was great and the price made this a great-value strain

  12. Patrick Stone (verified owner)

    Nice colour, fair smell, pungent taste.

  13. Lawerence B (verified owner)

    smooth and chill strain. no disappointment with this one!

  14. Taylor Kemp (verified owner)

    flavour really stands out here. Very strong and hits hard

  15. Dean Bush (verified owner)

    Decent smoke I use it to help my insomnia and it works really well.

  16. Marija-Ana (verified owner)

    Nice spicy flavor and has the tendencies to calm you down when needed . Love it !

  17. Tess Wisman (verified owner)

    I suffer often from a buildup of stress and depression. This herb cures it all and more . Thanks BC for this one !

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