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A well-rounded strain that won’t leave you either too couchlocked or too paranoid to function, Cookies and Cream is a great option for any time of day. It’s equally enjoyable in social and solo settings, as long as smokers are in a relaxed setting and maintain a positive outlook. Although it may inspire some creativity, Cookies and Cream is probably not the best flower to smoke if you need to need the motivation to blow through your to-do list. Instead, use it to enhance a long, aimless walk or a binge-watching session.

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What do you think about when you hear about cookies and cream strain? Surely, one of those thoughts would have to be Oreo? For what it is worth, the owner of Oreo is lucky to have a brand name become a household name.

But when it comes to recognition, this cannabis strain called Cookies and Cream, despite being relatively new, has started creating a name for itself after having won the Denver Cannabis Cup for hybrids a few years ago.

For a cannabis strain to be recognized, surely it cannot be about how it smells or tastes only. It has a lot more to do also with the great effect it has on the consumers.

On that end, Cookies and Cream certainly do not disappoint as it continues its own journey towards becoming one of the few legendary strains. In only a few years, it has become one of the top strains as shown by different cannabis sites.

Cookies and Cream trace its lineage from two popular strains. One if the Starfighter, which has gained a good following for its uplifting property. The other is an undisclosed phenotype of a strain known for incredible mental high, Girl Scout Cookies.

By combining these two strains, the breeder was able to create a balanced hybrid that not only smells and tastes great but also comes with a powerful kick that settles into a balanced high.

So, what makes Cookies and Cream so special among the thousands of cannabis strains worldwide? Consumers report that the onset begins with a mental high that is uplifting.

As the effect intensifies, there is a heightened sense of focus, and at the same time, mood changes to one that is euphoric. The mental high continues to intensify as you begin to feel happy and energetic, but not to the point of being psychedelic. This is followed by the physical body high which balances the mental high.

The sedative property of its Indica side calms your body down without causing you to feel lethargic or leave you in a couch-lock. These balanced highs are what makes the Cookies and Cream one of the best hybrids in the world.

Imagine yourself going out into a garden early in the morning. There is an earthy scent in the air is refreshing. Now, blend the sweet smell of vanilla, and the result is one of the best smelling odors among cannabis strains.

As good and refreshing as it smells, Cookies and Cream also has a wonderful taste. Unlike its namesake where the flavors are rich, perhaps too rich for many people, this cannabis has a more mellow flavor that is smooth to smoke and the nutty aftertaste makes it a delight to use.

As great as the Cookies and Cream strain is, it also has a downside. For medical cannabis users, this is a great strain to use in reducing stress. But if you have an anxiety disorder, then this is not the right strain to use, or use one with less trichomes.

Used in a small amount, this strain could reduce stress, however, if one were not careful, it might also elevate the level of anxiousness.

The balanced high of Cookies and Cream can certainly help you relax. For that reason, it is able to help you reduce the tension from your body, as well as provide relief from mild pains and aches.

Depending on the amount used, it might also leave you feeling tired. In smaller quantity, it does give an energy boost, but a little too much and you start to feel sleepy. Another effect it has is in making the user feel hungry, which means this might be f benefit to those who are having trouble keeping a good appetite.

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  1. ocean1kelly (verified owner)

    4.5 for the C&C, nice looking buds, smooth smoke, nice burn, great price and a calming buzz.

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