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The Cookie Monster is a cross between two popular strains that are known for their strong relaxing effects. This indica-dominant hybrid delivers long lasting relief and has been measured at THC levels ranging from 14% to 23%.

The Cookie Monster is a beautiful indica-dominant strain with spring green leaves. It has vibrant orange pistils that are shot through it, giving off an impressively coordinated look in bloom and when smoked due to how tightly packed they grow together during the flowering process. The dark blue hues often seen come about from pigments called anthocyanins which can be agitated by colder than average weather for this particular variety of cannabis plant; these cloudy white trichomes give them their sticky texture as well!

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Cookie Monster is a 80% Indica strain. As such, it’s effects are more physical than mental in nature and does not disappoint at all! In fact Cookie monster took top honors as best US flower category at the 2014 Hightimes Cannabis cup.

Cookie Monster has a pedigree. It comes from parents that are both among the most popular strains in their respective categories, and for good reason too!

One of its parents is the legendary OG Kush, a strain known to deliver an intense high that takes away stress. It also inherits euphoria and relaxation from one parent – GSC!

Cookie Monster is a versatile strain that provides the best traits of both parents. it’s never failed to deliver for our use!

Cookie Monster is not as dangerous or intense as one would expect. When people are first introduced to this strain, they often experience a heavy Sativa high full of euphoria and energy-boosting properties. Cookie Monster cannabis has a more pronounced scent than other strains because it’s also known for its lineage. Most people will find this appealing, though those with sensitive nose might want to stay away!

It is not until the physical body high creeps in that there’s a realization. One which understands how potent this strain can be, with THC measuring up to 24%. Once it kicks in, fighting off any urge for sitting or lying down would be an exercise in futility–you’re too relaxed all over! As if being completely at ease wasn’t enough already…

Surprisingly, even with its powerful sedative-like property not everyone will feel sleepy. That said it still serves as a prelude to slowing down in the evening before finally going to sleep.

Cookie Monster cannabis has a more pronounced scent than other strains because it’s also known for its lineage. Most people will find this appealing, though those with sensitive nose might want to stay away!

If you’re looking for a cookie that’s both sweet and skunky, Cookie Monster is the perfect treat. It has an earthy aroma with just enough mint to keep it interesting as well as hints of woodiness in its taste–and everyone loves how unique this flavor can be!

Cookie Monster is an indica dominant hybrid that has been known to help those dealing with depression and PTSD. The heavy physical body high can be useful for relaxation, stress relief, or just an overall good time!

The sedative-like effects of Cookie Monster can help alleviate the symptoms for those who suffer from pain. This is useful as it allows them to get on with their lives, even if just a little bit better than before!

Some people may feel tired after using Cookie Monster. This is because it has effects on the user that help them sleep, so use at night or when there are things to do won’t help you fall asleep!

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20 reviews for Cookie Monster – Oz Deal

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  1. CannaMama (verified owner)

    Great for Migraines and I felt so relaxed

  2. AD979 (verified owner)

    Ever try to help people who don’t smoke weed score a pound? They have a stereotypical way of looking at weed. They think the whole lb should be made of center stalk huge buds. Don’t work in reality. Well I bought a bag of this and its easily the most bag appealing weed I’ve ever seen, The buds are huge and sculpted. Makes you want to eat them. Wasn’t the strongest high but was very respectable, and the buds were dense and huge.

  3. Saszy-chick (verified owner)

    Was good for the price. Got me high

  4. Vanessa Jeesy (verified owner)

    Great for daytime smoke.

  5. Minh Duong (verified owner)

    I’ve always loved this strain, smooth smoke, a unique blend of flavors on the tongue. Definitely a wake up strain.

  6. Kelly Joe (verified owner)

    BC never ceases to impress me every time i order a new strain I am always happy i tried it. This one in particular was amazing

  7. Michael Maxwell (verified owner)

    Excellent quality!!! Perfect for this strain, highly recommend

  8. Yi Ming (verified owner)

    Best product

  9. AndyJ (verified owner)

    My fav! So chill and relaxed. Totally kills anxiety and helps sleep.

  10. Benema Jay (verified owner)

    This is a great indica right before bed or a movie. It has a really relaxing body high that last for a while and makes you not want to move.

  11. Nabilah Collier (verified owner)

    Very vibrant and energetic tasting and looking! Great for a morning puff to start my day or for daytime activities.

  12. Piperisa (verified owner)

    Good Prices !!!

  13. Jeff Mayer (verified owner)

    satisfying as always.

  14. Bennie William (verified owner)

    Nice nugg, smell good but taste nothing

  15. Lawerence Palmer (verified owner)

    Good stuff, amazing high.

  16. Mia Tiakee (verified owner)

    Very calming and relaxing strain just perfect for chill days

  17. Rolando T (verified owner)

    Very aromatic. Before you smoke this, its like fine wine. You need to smell it and smoke it to truly appreciate its flavour.

  18. Anabelle Peaks (verified owner)

    This weed is very very potent

  19. idfkanymore519 (verified owner)

    Good buzz not the best smell or taste kinda earthy but some nugs have a nice purple and coated with crystal

  20. netto (verified owner)

    Good weed but what I got was very popcorn size Oct 2023 on this batch and not mentioned.

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