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Slurricane is what you get when Indica lovers have everything they could ask for in a bud. Crossing the Do-Si-Dos with Purple Punch, In House Genetics has combined two highly sought after strains to create something of legend that will no doubt be crossed with other plants soon enough!

Most would agree that this strain is ideal for more experienced users as her THC levels can reach up to 28%. Nugs are large, fluffy, and dark in color with a thick layer of white trichomes. However they take on the purple hue just right under lighted conditions making them stand out beautifully from other plants . Both flavors and aromas mirror each other pretty accurately; she has berry hints alongside spice creaminess which also brings tropical fruit into play when smoked during evening hours – making her perfect dessert bud!

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Your tolerance will largely determine your exact experience with this gal, but in general, individuals can expect to enjoy their typical rollercoaster high that’s associated with hybrids. Initially there could be a surge of euphoria and it’s often accompanied by tingles starting at the back of one’s head moving down towards one’s toes – just when they think happiness cannot get any better, real effects kick in!The Slurricane can lead to heavy feelings of sedation and sleep, so make sure that you have snacks before settling down on your couch because it may take some time for you get up again.

Home cultivators might have some mixed feelings when it comes to Slurricane because while In House Genetics does partner with quite a few online seed distributors, they are all out of this particular bud. Assuming you can place an order, I recommend that you work with an experienced grower. Preferred environments for growth and maturation time as well as harvest sizes largely unknown makes this gal rather mysterious in his own way!

Slurricane is a godsend on those days when you need to forget about everything and just Float away. It’s strong enough that even with high tolerance people should be careful, but it’ll help take your mind off of things so don’t worry too much if something happens!

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