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When it comes to drinking the milk out of your cereal bowl, people tend to have pretty polarized opinions. However when you get a chance try this mysterious strain called Cereal Milk- nearly everyone offers an endorsement for its balanced taste and fun energy that can be enjoyed on lazy weekend days.

Though Cereal Milk is often considered strong, her high of 23% THC can pack a wallop. A cross between Snowman and Y Life, each nug is hefty in size with a dark olive color that’s highlighted by shades of mint. Dark hairs are plentiful and her trichome coverage leaves nothing to be desired. Cereal Milk often favors for incredible aroma because its flavoring includes just the right amount of herb sweetness which creates an unforgettable creamy taste you can’t get enough of!

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Depending on your tolerance, Cereal Milk could be the answer to your weekend prayers or a great way to make it through the workday. Many users describe her high as one that’s incredibly balanced with equal parts of a mellow mindset blended with just enough energetic creativity. Artists may particularly love this strain if they’ve been feeling like they need some extra motivation. For users who are well-versed with weed, this bud could provide the focus needed to move through your to-do list with ease, but don’t forget that you might experience a slightly sedating euphoria that could make this bud better for weekends only. 

Most hybrid strains are great for medical use and Cereal Milk is no exception. As she typically infuses users with a positive mental attitude, many find that this bud can be ideal to treat ailments including anxiety or depression – not just physical concerns! She’s been reported as helpful in fighting off migraines as well as general pain from various health issues such as arthritis-related discomfort .

Cannabis lovers might think that Cereal Milk is the ideal bud and we wouldn’t blame you if your top priority was to grow it yourself. Sadly, this seems like an impossible dream now or at any other time in-the future given how strict Cookies Farm has been about limiting production of their iconic strain.  If you were, by some miracle, able to get your hands on seeds of this strain, we’d advise consulting an expert grower for some tips.

The cereal lovers among us will be crazy not to try out Cereal Milk, and those with higher tolerances would do well waiting until they feel more comfortable. The fruit flavors are delightful but what makes this strain really shine is it.

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