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Jet Fuel is a pungent sativa-leaning hybrid whose aggressive name serves as a fairly accurate description of its fast-paced sativa high. This strain is a cross between super-sticky Aspen OG and Skunk-derived High Country Diesel, both pungent varieties themselves.

Also known as G6, it was created by Colorado-based breeders 303 Seeds. Jet Fuel’s cerebral intensity is well suited to situations that call for deep creative thinking and problem solving. It has a THC content that ranges from 15% to 20%.

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This particular strain is called a jet fuel that will give you the energy and creativity to fire up your engines, but it also has an awesome high. You can now soar through this world without feeling chained down by always being at home!

The high from this strain will have you leaving on a jet plane with nothing but your thoughts. It’s perfect if the only thing holding back from what you want is stress and anxiety, since it relieves both at once!

Jet Fuel is a powerful sativa hybrid that will boost your energy levels and allow you to relax. It’s made by crossing Aspen OG with High Country Diesel for an invigorating effect!

As you have read, it gives energy that could fuel your body to run a thousand miles. Not only will this energize and relax but also focus the mind so much more than before! From working long hours at work or school–having Jet Fuel in one’s system actually allows them to be relaxed while still feeling recharged due to its focused effect on relaxation levels.

This particular strain has a high cerebral effect that could have a high buzzing effect.

The right fuel could take you on a trip to the stars. The sudden boost in energy won’t leave you tired at all, and that gush of euphoria will make your muscles relaxed as if floating through space with nothing but our thoughts keeping us company. We’ll be giggly like flying across galaxies!

The jet fuel has a strong scent. It is described to have an earthy, woody odor with diesel chemically notes that will surely bring out your senses of pungent and pine aroma.

If there is a strong, distinct smell to this strain it will have an earthy taste with hints of pine and diesel when exhaled. The aroma compliments it well for those who enjoy being high in the clouds while smoking weed!

Jet Fuel is a great way to relieve stress, and with the ability of boosting your energy levels it’s perfect for those long days. 

The Jet Fuel strain is a favorite among patients who suffer from migraines or tension headaches. Knowing that these conditions can bring a lot of stress to you, this particular marijuana plant may help relieve your symptoms by soothing mood swings and alleviating depression while providing relief from pain with no side effects!

There are those nights where you can’t sleep and feel like giving up. Once insomnia strikes, taking Jet Fuel may help ease the pain or stress that’s been bothering you- this strain is known to have adverse reactions but still brings relief!

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18 reviews for Jet Fuel – AAAA+

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  1. Ireland Smith (verified owner)

    This stuff knocked me on my ass so approach with caution!!! Fattest nugs i’ve ever seen too. It says not to enjoy before bedtime but I took one hit of the bong and I actually needed a weed nap. Best nap ever.

  2. Dale Perry (verified owner)

    Just trying it now and its very good its just like Dolado but sharper if you like to try different ones these are the ones I like Good Luck!

  3. Dale Perry (verified owner)

    They are fast with your order, and its all good to try, I will order again

  4. Michael Nelson (verified owner)

    Dank buds nice buzz

  5. netto (verified owner)

    Great for flying.

  6. Dale Perry (verified owner)

    I want to share with you that this is the best sharp and strong weed there is. This is my favorite, I will always get it again all the time. Jet fuel and Dolado are the best ones to try you will totally see how im right. Good Luck Dale Perry

  7. Akali Otta (verified owner)

    Super caked buds and best high ive ever had!

  8. Thomas Johson (verified owner)

    Best product in this website !

  9. Antonio Teffy (verified owner)

    The buds look amazing, the high of this flower is an excellent sensation of relaxation, happiness

  10. Nick Ramson (verified owner)

    This stuffs lit, great weed all around, one of my fav strain

  11. Kayden Eaton (verified owner)

    Average taste and smell but the high is wonderful.

  12. Andre Kim (verified owner)

    Good smell and taste. Pungent and sweet. I like to smoke this after a rough day at work relieves my pain and clears my head.

  13. brad long (verified owner)

    i quite enjoy this in the morning with my coffee, or late night with munchies. balanced and very good high already ordered some more !

  14. Javier S (verified owner)

    Love this strain. Really nice, laid back and enjoying life with a smile on my face.

  15. harvy (verified owner)

    Great well-rounded strain. Easy to smoke, and pleasant taste to it.

  16. Adam Duong (verified owner)

    This is a very interesting strain cause wen your out of weed after a good toke you be sure to find this strain euphoric feelings and tense buds.

  17. Blake Cooper (verified owner)

    Really good smoke…especially for the great price!!

  18. Alexander Dunn (verified owner)

    def in my top 10

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