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Mint Cake, also known as “Cake Mints” or “Cake Mintz,” is a balanced hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Wedding Cake with Animal Mints. The effects of Mint Cake are more calming than energizing. Consumers who have smoked this strain say it tastes sweet and creamy, with orange and cinnamon undertones.

Mint Cake effects include relaxation and euphoria, with a smaller percentage of people reporting that it makes them feel tingly. Medical marijuana patients tell us they choose this strain for dealing with symptoms associated with pain, depression, and inflammation. Mint Cake is 21% THC and the effects may be overwhelming to inexperienced cannabis consumers. The dominant terpene in this strain is Limonene. The origins of Mint Cake are unknown.

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17 reviews for BUDDHA BOYS – MINT CAKE – AAA+

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  1. Donald (verified owner)

    Very sedating. Headaches stopped coming back after a while.

  2. Jack Jordany (verified owner)

    This is by far the best strain I have ever had! Easy on my anxiety and the body high is so mellow. I can easily go to sleep.

  3. Bejamin Silva (verified owner)

    Very effective, most potent strain I’ve tried so far

  4. Ranger Gru (verified owner)

    gets rid of all my stress and anxiety gives me a super happy feeling when smoking this

  5. Evans (verified owner)

    Nice relaxing cerebral high that turns into a relaxing and calming effect over the body. These hybrid strains are so potent!

  6. Benzema1999 (verified owner)

    It’s wonderful that smoking a bit of this is able to put me in this calm and sedated body and head space without making me feel like I need to go to sleep right away. It’s wonderful that smoking a bit of this is able to put me in this calm and sedated body and head space without making me feel like I need to go to sleep right away.

  7. Alex Boyce (verified owner)

    Instantly hit me with a wave of relaxation. The taste is great too.

  8. Earl Dearing (verified owner)

    Good bedtime strain for me, really sets the tone and calms me down at the end of a long day. smooth and very desirable smoke for sure.

  9. lady_sativa_87 (verified owner)

    Great for my anxiety and depression.

  10. Liam Carr (verified owner)

    Good quality.

  11. Tim Leach (verified owner)

    Two hits and I felt damn good and pain-free half the day.

  12. Tella Reign (verified owner)

    Good Smoke, taste nice and cant get wrong for the price.

  13. Peyton Pelletier (verified owner)

    First time trying something like this strain. Very light but smokes great. Kept my energetic throughout the day and burned very clean

  14. Karl Jackson (verified owner)

    all their product is very good, cant be let down with any of it including this. fast shipping time and great flavour when smoked in a joint.

  15. Jake Provost (verified owner)

    This strain reminds me of the first times I got high, great for movies and definitely sex. It’s an indica on the body but not the mind, it doesn’t make you sleepy.

  16. Tommyboy420 (verified owner)

    they weren’t lying about the dense nugs. Just the way i like it. Great for really winding it down at the end of the day

  17. Dominique Kidd (verified owner)

    Loved this strain. Potency is 10/10

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