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When a strain is created by Snoop Dogg himself, you know it has to be good. Lemon Pie is one of only a few varieties grown by Leafs by Snoop and is a hybrid strain that leans heavy on the sativa side. Roughly a 70/30 mix, Lemon Pie is as delicious as the effects it brings users, with a balanced and clear high that gets your day started in the right direction.

A bit on the stronger side, this strain tops out at 22% THC and was created from Skunk #1 and Amnesia Haze. It’s known for bringing users a creative and heady high that promotes relaxation and a positive mindset, which is really no surprise based on where it came from. Despite being powerful, Lemon Pie lets you get up and around to enjoy your favorite activities inside or out.

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Lemon Pie could be coined as a great social strain, as its high starts off slow yet builds to an energetic and relaxing place. You might find yourself talking up a storm or simply feeling full of ambition and purpose, and all sense of worry will fade away. While highly regarded in the medical cannabis community for its ability to fight chronic pain, mood swings, and migraines, users from all walks of life love how well it takes away stress and fatigue.

Keep in mind, Lemon Pie can bring a pretty strong head high, so use it in moderation. A dry mouth is a given with this strain, but its ability to help with a lack of appetite can create an environment where eating and drinking aren’t a problem.

Want to grow Lemon Pie yourself? You’re in luck, as it’s a fairly cooperative strain that prefers an indoor environment. Plans are pretty robust and grow to an average height, yielding a decent haul after its 9-10 week flowering cycle. Buds can be heavy, yet it has thick branches that support them well.

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