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The typical cannabis experience is a feeling of hunger and relaxation. If you need these things, then try the Kush Mint strain from Seed Junky Genetics that crafts one hybrid bud with flavors pulled evenly between her Bubba Kush ancestors as well as Animal Mint genetics for added effect when she’s ready to let all thoughts slip away into nothingness.

Kush Mint’s THC level of 23% doesn’t sound like much, but this bud packs a strong punch. It has fluffy nuggets with deep green leaves and thick frosty white crystals throughout it- as if its name wasn’t enough to give away what kind marijuana is in store! As well as being rich in crisp mint flavor, there are notes that make their way into Kush Mint despite itself; earthiness mixed together alongside some interesting coffee and cookie combinations for an aroma not unlike dessert weed itself – another reason why many people prefer eating Kush Mints rather than smoking them plain.

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If you’re expecting Kush Mint to be as refreshing and motivating as her flavor, think again. While some are counting on an uplifting set of effects from this strain, more often than not users claim that it’s relaxing both mentally or physically depending upon how hard they have over done themselves with smoking too much marijuana beforehand. You may feel super stoned if your body has become used to weed but for the most part a mellow happiness could permeate throughout all parts of one’s being after consuming KUSH MINT!

Evenly balanced hybrid strains are often popular for medical users as they tend to bring a nice mixture of cerebral and physical effects. Kush Mint doesn’t disappoint, many note that it helps relieve anxiety with relative ease while also relieving pains in the stomach caused by nausea or an upset digestive system ; however it could be argued this marijuana plant may even help patients fall asleep – provided their tolerance is low enough!

Seed Junky Genetics is a company that produces some of the most incredible strains on the market, but they don’t always let home growers purchase their seeds. It’s rumored you can find clone Kush Mints for sale in rare instances and if this turns out true then we recommend growing it indoors with hydroponics as its best environment.

Kush Mint is not just the perfect strain to help you wind down after dinner, but also one of those that novice smokers should try. Her flavors will mirror what your favorite junk food tastes like while her effects send people off into dreamland before bedtime with ease! So grab some mint chocolate chip cookies or peanut butter cup ice cream and enjoy both mind-altering THC content as well as intense relaxation feelings– unmatched anywhere else.

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