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Despite its name, Early bird is not a strain to savor first thing in the morning. Created by Sensi Seeds, the breeders of strains like Super Skunk and Jack Flash, this indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between several landraces: indica Afghani and South Asian varieties and a Mexican sativa. Early bird offers physically relaxing effects without overpowering consumers or sending them into a veritable coma. The strain’s pleasant, refreshing aroma and subtle effects make it a great all-purpose bud. Its THC content has been measured at between 12% and 20%.

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The breeding was a success, as Early Bird Skunk has an indoor flowering time of just seven or eight weeks, while the outdoor varieties should be ready for harvest by the middle of September. This is a good strain for either hydroponic cultivation or to be grown in soil. Expect large yields and plants of moderate height.

Early Girl is the wallflower of cannabis strains since its introduction in the 1980s. The flavor of this strain is remarkably similar to the cereal Fruit Loops, with a cherry aftertaste. Enjoy Early Bird Skunk in the morning. After all, the early bird gets the nug.

This strain was created using a Skunk #11 and a Skunk #1. The breeder’s intention was to create a high-yielding but short-flowering strain that had versatility indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse.  A 75/25 indica-dominant hybrid, Early Girl is a good one for those new to cannabis who would like relief from stress.

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