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If you have an insatiable sweet tooth and also feeling like melting into your couch, consider taking a few hits of Wedding Pie. Bred by the mysterious team at Cannarado Genetics, this bud is slightly indica-dominant with a genetic mixture of Wedding Cake and Grape Pie. It’s highly recommended that you enjoy this bud when you have absolutely nothing on your to-do list.

While she might not seem strong at first glance, Wedding Pie’s 21% THC average tends to hit hard and fast. Flat shaped nugs are a deep green shade and while they feature a light coating of orange pistils, there’s no shortage of amber trichomes to be found. Both flavors and aromas of this strain are sweeter than you could imagine, as grapes, berries, and nuts all mingle together for a true dessert experience. Some smokers detect a hint of herbs on the exhale, stating that Wedding Pie gets slightly spicy toward the end.

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They say variety is the spice of life, and while some people like savory, thankfully, others prefer sweet, and for those out there with a sweet tooth, Wedding Pie weed strain may just be a match made in heaven.

This hybrid strain tips the scales in favor of indica but just barely at a neat 60% to 40% indica/sativa ratio while displaying aspects of both.

While other cultivators have gone on to develop award-winning versions of this decadent strain, it was originally crafted by the Colorado-based masterminds at Cannarado Genetics with dynamic flavor in mind.

They merged the dessert-strain qualities of Wedding Cake with the sweet-meets-sour partnership of Grape Pie.

A brief look at the indica-dominant genetics of Wedding Pie will soon confirm if Wedding pie strain is sativa or indica, and you’ll find it’s certainly a hybrid.

Cannarado Genetics has built a stellar reputation within the cannabis community through focused determination and stand-out strains that speak for themselves.

Through the sheer popularity of Wedding Pie weed (and many others they have developed), Cannarado Genetics are a testament to the proverb “you gauge a tree by the fruit it bears.”

Cannarado Genetics has created strains that are revered the world over, so anyone can rest assured that Wedding Pie strain genetics are top-shelf.

Its lineage resembles a hall of fame gallery, with some of the world’s most prominent strains such as GSC, Durban Poison, and OG Kush making an appearance.

As one can tell from Wedding pie strain pics online, it’s an attractive plant that stems from a noble family tree.

These indica-dominant strains each contribute their own slice to the pie. Wedding cake brings its vanilla and earthy nature, while Grape Pie lends a sweet and sour taste.

Just as balanced and inviting as its flavors, Wedding Pie strain effects resemble the diversity in its genes.

The high it delivers embraces your mental and physical states, with a subtle buzz flowing through your limbs to let you know it’s emerging.

That’s soon followed by a cerebral wave that fills your imagination and submerges you in a calmness that dissolves your irrelevant concerns and needless worries away.

The incredible soothing effects of Wedding pie strain are popular for both the body and the mind.

There may be a few minor unwanted side effects with the Wedding pie strain, but they don’t come close to outweighing the benefits.

Veteran smokers have generally come to terms with the fact that most strains will probably dry your mouth out and give you demon-red eyes; however, newbies should consume consciously since its medium to high THC content is quite potent.

Wedding Pie’s flavor and fragrance profile are already a layered cake of dessert flavors that entrance your senses.

A creamy nuttiness follows through, amalgamated with subtle spices and herbal nodes that ground the flavor in natural, earthy vibes.


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