Funky Charms ( Exotic) AAAA+


Funky Charms is a cross between Grease Monkey and Rainbow Chip. It truly brings a rainbow of funky flavors, with all-star grandparents in the genealogy, like Sour Diesel, GSC, GG#4, and Jack Herer. It is a consistently potent strain, our batch coming from Mojave, and testing around 22% THC.

The Funky Charms nuggs are fuzzy, consisting of lime and fern-green leaves, tightly packed together, and littered with furry, caterpillar-like orange pistils. Thick braids of yellow trichome hairs encompass the buds thoroughly, providing a sticky, protective, and potent finish.

The funky aroma consists of diesel fuel and sage, with hints of citrus and mint, with whiffs of chocolate and vanilla are present. Combusting Funky Charms yields a sweet, mint-citrus flavor, and leaves a spicy-sage aftertaste.

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