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The team at DNA Genetics wanted to see what kind of a strain could result when two incredible parents crossed paths. After breeding Blueberry with OG Kush, they ended up getting something special: KushBerry! The indica-dominant bud offers great effects and while it’s suited for recreational use, most individuals turn to this strain medicinally.

The most consistent experience is waiting for you with an average of 22% THC and nugs that are quite large. They’re covered in very wiry pistils, dusted with a delicious looking layer of white trichomes! Upon lighting up you’ll be enveloped with a scent that blends citrus, earth and wood. While these elements carry through to her flavor as well; there is also an underlying note of flowers which lingers on your taste buds after each puff.

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So, what happens when a breeder crosses some of the most potent Sativa and Indica strains?

The answer is simple.

A new hybrid is born. It is one that takes the best of both worlds and has a seamless blending of mental and physical effects. Not only does this strain have incredible effects, but it would also go by the name Kushberry.

Kushberry, also called Kush Berry or Berry Kush, comes from two legendary strains. One is Blueberry, the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup winner for best Indica. Another is OG Kush, another strain that has made its mark in the cannabis community. In fact, it has participated and won some awards. One of its claim to fame is bagging the 2008 Spannabis Cup.

As an offspring, Kushberry has inherited the heavy hitting effects of its parents. Unlike its parents, this strain is not likely to glue users to their couches. In other words, users get to experience its fantastic effects without some unwanted effects. For instance, it does not lead to couch-lock or induces psychedelic effects.

Kushberry inherited its powerful Sativa effects from OG Kush. As such, during its onset, users feel uplifted, happy and euphoric. The buzzing cerebral high may feel overwhelming. Even so, most people do not end up with a numbing narcotic high.

If the potent onset seems intense, then be ready for what is to come next. Kushberry has a dominant 70% Indica side that will deliver a more intense physical high. Apparently, this comes from the genetics of Blueberry. As the relaxing sensation washes over the body, it balances out the effects of the mental high. It is this seamless blend of both the mental and physical effects that makes this strain one of the best.

For recreational users, it is going to be difficult to find another hybrid that can deliver the same experience as this strain. Here is the thing about Kushberry – the best is yet to come as it is also a big hit among the medical marijuana users.

One thing that the strain is not recognized for is its scent. It emits a sweet odor that is dominated by a dank and earthy smell. At the same time, an herbal tone blends into its fragrance with a strong hint of blueberry.

Although Kushberry inherited the scent of OG Kush to blend it with Blueberry, that scent does not carry over to its taste so much. In fact, the smooth smoke has a dominant blueberry flavor that makes it such a delight to smokers.

The incredible ability of Kushberry in inducing physical relaxation plus the uplifting effects it gives is one reason why medical cannabis users use this strain to deal with stress. At the same time, the same high also become beneficial in easing away the symptoms of pains and aches.

Two things also happen as a result of using Kushberry.

One is that there are users who feel hungry. As such, it becomes beneficial to those with eating disorders.

Another effect it has as its effects start to slow down and subside is feeling drowsy and sleepy. If there are more things to do, then this may be a problem. But if it is used in the evening, then it helps people sleep better. Insomniacs should also find it useful as they find ways to have a regular sleep-wake cycle.

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18 reviews for Kushberry – Wholesale

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  1. Kelvil Toro (verified owner)

    get all chill, I really enjoy it.

  2. Fred Cassilas (verified owner)

    Very nice buds , great strain and well worth the money …….will not disappoint

  3. Rosie Lynn (verified owner)

    Great quality product. Gets you high fast, smokes smoothly. No complaints

  4. stoner420 (verified owner)

    one of the best flowers ive ever smoked, period.

  5. Nathen Roe (verified owner)

    Kept me in a constant relaxed mood, body felt very relaxed. Nice smell as well.

  6. Rey Warner (verified owner)

    Decent taste really great value for what you’re getting im stoked about my order.

  7. Misty Holland (verified owner)

    Perfect for all indica lovers strong gas scent as soon as you open the bag and its really potent .

  8. Jessie Roberts (verified owner)

    Fantastic strain for the price .

  9. TheDabagains (verified owner)

    Another great strain from you guys.

  10. Anton H (verified owner)

    I have to agree with every one, but would like to add that it’s fresh and sticky just the way I like it

  11. Shaine D (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with this purchase and it looks just like it does in the picture

  12. Raine S (verified owner)

    This bud is beautiful, it is nicely trimmed, has rock solid large buds exceeding 6 grams, beautiful smell and good high. Like the description says it is a bit of a creeper, you smoke the joint and your like I could be a little higher maybe, but you leave the toke room, sit down, and bam, your really high. Excellent bag appeal, smell, taste, high makes this a 5 star to me

  13. Fredric Glass (verified owner)

    This stuff is nice like really nice smelling nice crystals nice high reccomend it too anyone who wants to try it good bud

  14. Bobby Harrington (verified owner)

    never a bad choice one of the best sativa’s on the market in my opinion.

  15. Mya Gill (verified owner)

    After about 15 minutes of smoking will feel great buzz. Nice buds, good in bongs

  16. Zebra (verified owner)

    Super nice indica

  17. Samantha H (verified owner)

    Been 6 hours since used… Still feel really good. Not too sleepy, but definitively feeling good!

  18. Carter Hilton (verified owner)

    Sticky tasty.. everything you need for a good price

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