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Lambo OG is an interesting Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. This one’s obviously a nod to the Lamborghini, one of the most popular super cars in the world. For copyright reasons, this strain was eventually renamed “Rambo.”

Most agree that the genetics behind this plant are a three-way cross of Jamaican Haze, Super Afghan, and Jamaican Purple.

Lambo OG buds are just as beautiful as the super cars they’re named for. If you pick up a properly trimmed and cured batch of this strain, you’re in for some of the most beautiful flower you’ve seen in your life. Typically, Lambo OG buds are a pastel mint green color.

However, some grows turn the temperature down a bit and produce some beautiful flowers with bits of lavender and violet. These buds are almost always covered in a bit of bright orange hairs, and a healthy coating of off-white trichomes. The aroma produced by these buds is surprisingly sweet, with hints of musty earth and fresh pine breaking up the sweetness. The inhale on this one is drastically different from the exhale. Going in, the smoke will largely taste damp and earthy like nuts and the sort.

The exhale, however, leaves an aftertaste of both vanilla and citrus which is sure to bring you back for another hit.

The effects of the high produced by this strain can only be described as magnificent. As this bud is sativa-dominant, you should expect the high to be more heady than body-buzz.

However, Lambo OG combines a potent THC concentration which averages 19% and powerful effects to deliver relief for just about any ailment.

Right off the bat, you should expect this one to hit smooth and quick. It’s not one of those strains with a strong headrush, but you’ll absolutely feel the tingling creep from your skull through the rest of your body. This mellow high is sure to leave you feeling uplifted and motivated. Some even report smoking a bit of this strain before a night out with friends to feel a bit more happy and social.

Lambo OG has also been known to cause intense bouts of hunger in the form of the munchies, and unsuspecting tokers will likely raid their fridge not long after a sesh with this flower.

The downturn of the high will have you searching for the closest comfy surface to curl up and take a nap on.

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