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Platinum OG is a strong indica-dominant strain is a high-THC strain that is peppered with some slight sativa effects, creating a uniquely interesting cerebral experience.

This strain is an easy choice for an end-of-the-day smoke, as it will surely relax both the mind and the body and eventually may even help you find a night of restful sleep.

Platinum OG is definitely a must-try. This strain is a potent mix from impressive parent-strains.

It is said to have been created out of the merging of Master Kush with OG Kush, and is said to contain a third component – one that is rumored to be of the purps variety, although it has not been 100% confirmed.

This THC-rich strain has many uses, both recreationally and medically, and has therefore grown in its popularity.

Platinum OG is coated in crystals and smells like freshly turned earth on a dewy spring day.

This indica-dominant hybrid is a heavy-bodied sensation that is sure to slow down both the mind and the body.

This particular strain is notoriously heavy, and can most definitely induce a solid couch-lock. Platinum OG is all about a calm yet spacy and hazy high that will make you feel a bit like you are floating in the clouds, which is also why it has gained traction as an enjoyable medical strain.

Platinum OG contains very high THC levels that can guarantee you total and utter relaxation, with sudden and stimulating bursts of euphoria. You are likely to kick back and sink into the next couch when smoking this strain, as it will make you feel like your body is heavy and losing the battle against gravity.

This hybrid can feel like it is more in the 100% indica, but you will occasionally feel the slight effects from its sativa side. Platinum OG is a great choice if you are looking for a way to induce sleep, or if you simple want to unload all your negative feelings from the day and stay in a positive and light hearted state of mind.

Platinum OG is a beautifully fragrant smoke that smells sugary and earthy at the same time. This hybrid has a very pungent presence that is made even more enjoyable by its hints of lemon and spices, producing a wildly aromatic presence that will fill the room.

This strain has a smoke that is earthy and will remind you of fresh pine trees. On the inhale, Platinum OG carries a strong blend of coffee and spicy flavors, that is mixed with sweet and woody notes. It is pungent in taste too, and has an aftertaste that can best be described as a sweet herbal taste.

Platinum OG is a precious strain, just as its name suggests. It has been found very useful in the medical cannabis scene, as it has proven itself to be effective in the treatment of many illnesses. Cancer patients have found this strain to be very effective in inducing a healthier appetite during radiation treatment.

Most notably, patients who suffer from chronic stress disorders have reportedly noticed a significant change in mood when smoking this strain, as it is very good at instantly relaxing and realigning your thoughts, making it easier to relieve yourself from stress-induced thoughts.

Platinum OG can successfully treat those who suffer from mental health issues, such as insomnia and depression, as it is great at lifting the mood and relaxing the body. Pain sufferers have found much relief in the use of this strain, as it can combat joint pains, muscle spasms and backaches.

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