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This is the strain that tops all strains, if you have a sweet tooth that is. Red Velvet is a product of TKO Reserve based out of Oregon and is a favorite of recreational and medical users alike. A cross between Cherry Pie and Burmese Thai has resulted in an evenly balanced high that’s delicious and fun.

Depending on where you buy your bud, Red Velvet Pie may come in as low as 15% THC or as high as 23%. These nugs are a strange combination of airy and dense, complete with pink and purple hairs, plus white trichomes to boot. Here’s where things get really fun, as this strain brings a punch of flavor with notes of sweet cherries and berries that exude a slight diesel aroma as you exhale. Some note that flavors of chocolate and cream are also present, making this strain complex and exciting.

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If you have a pressing project to complete, Red Velvet Pie will be your muse. She brings along an overwhelming sense of creativity that’s effortless, giving you the inspiration to finish whatever is before you. These feelings have a tendency to turn social as well, so hanging out with friends when you’re done is also a great option. Eventually, your high will transform into a relaxing physical experience that lets you simply take things as they come. Basically, if you want to kick butt in every sense of the word, Red Velvet Pie will be your wingman.

Not only are her effects ideal for medical treatment, but this strain also boasts 1% CBD as well. Individuals who are distracted by overwhelming depression or stress will often turn to Red Velvet Pie to actually get on with their day, and like any other hybrid, she’s great at helping with pain, appetite issues, and fatigue. Depending on your tolerance levels, you may want to experiment during both the day and night time to see which is more beneficial for your unique situation.

Growing Red Velvet Pie isn’t something that TKO Reserve breeders probably want you doing, as there is literally no discernable way that someone would be able to obtain seeds or clones of this special plant. Perhaps if you make a trip to Oregon and ask nicely you’ll get lucky, but for now, stick to trying to find this bud in your local shop.

The flavors of this strain are so magical that you’ll likely have a hard time putting her down, and depending on what you have going on during the day, that might be just fine. Enjoy Red Velvet Pie before a busy day at work, during a Sunday afternoon with friends, or on vacation when you really want to relax. She’s a great companion when you’re looking for a balanced and enjoyable set of effects.

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9 reviews for Red Velvet AAAA+

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  1. Adele Vivian (verified owner)

    Perfect for winding down after a stressful, shit day.

  2. Roneel Kumar (verified owner)

    Very calming high, makes you feel relaxed and happy. Smell is amazing, and bud is caked up nice too. Definitely a good smoke!

  3. Jerry Tom (verified owner)

    Just amazing. Looks beautiful, good smell, good taste, great high. Absolutely love it

  4. Marien Else (verified owner)

    legendary strain, helps me all the time with my depression and makes me motivated. hope to see this flower for long time

  5. Asley Sufan (verified owner)

    Very relaxing stain, doesn’t make you slow.

  6. Toby Cole (verified owner)

    since the first time I tried it ..I fell in love with it…the taste is amazing

  7. Jim Figueroa (verified owner)

    This was one of my first strains that I tried and Id say it’s great for comfort and it’s even better with friends.

  8. candylandpie (verified owner)

    5/5 taste/high BC is the best

  9. Leo (verified owner)

    3rd time buying and still no regrets!

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