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A dreamy strain that offers incredible relaxing effects with a delicious taste, Space Cookies is a 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid from Hotsause Genetics. By crossing Timewreck and Space Queen, they’ve come up with a strain that gives you a mini vacation from your mind. Strong THC levels make Space Cream great for recreational and medicinal uses.

Weighing in at a respectable 24% THC average, Space Cookies should be used in moderation. That might be hard though because it smells and tastes absolutely fantastic. Sweet citrus and pine notes will envelop your nose, with a subtle touch of hops to balance out the scent. Users rave about its taste, as creamy vanilla lemon and earthy notes make it a smooth smoke. Nugs of Space Cream are on the smaller side and usually contain a layer of glistening amber trichomes.

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Space Cookies combines the relaxed euphoria and distinctive flavor of GSC, a modern American classic, with an injection of afghan genetics added to the mix.

The flower of Space Cookies tends to be purple with a sweet grape-like aroma. Just like its Kushy Indica ancestors, Space Cookies marijuana strain shows strong undertones of pine, grapey and earthy that make it especially pure. Those who are seeking for a marijuana strain experience will be amazed by the wild ride the strain provides. Marijuana enthusiasts report Space Cookies as relaxed and euphoric, with a huge bag of energy that makes you friendly and sociable.

Want to hang out with friends in the evening? Or maybe you’ve just had the most stressful day of your life and you simply need to unwind to remain in one piece? If you answered ‘yes’ to one of these questions, this hybrid cannabis will be your best match.

Speaking of its mysterious lineage, there are many different strains that seem to go by its name. The most potent version of this bud was born and bred in British Columbia, is a cross between Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies, two iconic marijuana strains.

Medical marijuana users often report relief from depression, stress, pain, nausea, and insomnia when under the effects. When vaporized, the strain produces a tempting, sweet and earthy aroma pumped by pine undertones, so it can easily overindulge. When this happens, be prepared for experiencing dry eyes, cottonmouth, and a significant boost of appetite (hello, munchies!).

That is the effect that is provided by the first hit of the strain. The second hit feels a bit different. It is more heavy-handed and provides a couch-locking feeling. Mentally – the strain is extremely pleasant. Both hits of the strain are potent and produce a medium-intensity high which makes the strain perfect for afternoon and evening sessions.

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